Punisher: Body Count

Welcome to episode 125. A lot of blood, sweat, and re-takes were done to bring the semi-milestone to you. But it was all worth it, since this episode starred executive producer and longtime listener Arch Stanton, who brings his encyclopedic comic knowledge and much-needed normalcy to the table.

Introduction – Jake descends further into madness as he fights against his HOA constituents and tells America how to do sports. I learn my town has a meth problem and do my civic duty against my will.

[42:15] News – Garth Ennis gets back on the Punisher saddle, and at some point Arch tells us about this amazing toy.

Mail Call – Mercifully, there is none.

[1:02:00] Bullet Points – Here's the comics we covered:

  • Punisher Annual #1, where Frank and Jameson go to space.
  • Punisher #12-14, where questions no one asked are answered, and fanservice ramps up to 11. Also, that Kingpin challenge is real.
  • Savage Avengers #3-4, WHERE IS MY FAMILY???

[ 2:43:30] Flashbacks – We continue with Paul Scheer's Cosmic Ghost Rider Destroys Marvel History #3-4 and man these guys put in some work. We then do the jet ski meme comic Punisher: War Journal #19.

[3:45:55] Discharge Papers– First off, Arch's audio cut out halfway through this segment, even though he was with us on Skype. I've shortened this segment down a bit due to that error. Anyway, Jake tell us why we need Samurai Cop in our lives and I explain why I want to be reincarnated into an anime girl who is a degenerate gambler.

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The wait is over -- comic and prose writer Chuck Dixon has stopped by the show for an amazing interview! For those that don't know Dixon is a prolific comic writer who has made impressive contributions to comics such as the Batman franchise, Conan the Barbarian, and of course, the Punisher (and so much more).

Dixon talked to us about earnestness in writing, how to make sure a soldier is holding the right gun, why Sylvester Stallone is a cooler guy than you know, and why Frank doesn't give a damn about dinosaurs. Our listeners contributed some great questions as well, and of course Jake and I talked to him about those GI Joe comics.

The love that Chuck Dixon has for the craft comes off crystal clear, and if you would like to check out his unpublished work and advice on writing comics and prose, you can check out his blog: http://www.chuckdixon.net/

And if any of our discussions of his work interested you, check out his Amazon page. I recommend the Levon Cade Complete Series.

The guy is a scholar, a fan, and just a chill person to talk to, and he's welcome back on the show at any time.

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In honor of Chuck Dixon coming on the show this week, we changed up the intro a little. If you want to ask Chuck Dixon a question, email us at punisherbodycount@gmail.com.

Introduction – Jake and I turn into your dad and explain why you should spend a little extra on big ticket items. Jake also turns this podcast into Craigslist and I bring up another Bill story.

[31:35] News – Bank robbers get inspired by the Punisher and I make you aware of some sweet merch.

[58:05] Mail Call – We answer what new media and games the Punisher should star in, catch up with a listener, and discuss what our fight walk-on music would be. We also talk about game show strategy.

[1:21:22] Bullet Points – Here's the comics we covered:

  • Guardians of the Galaxy #6
  • War of the Realms: Punisher #2-3
  • Savage Avengers #1-2

It's better than last time!

[ 2:06:35] Flashbacks – It's a bit different this time! We review Paul Scheer's Cosmic Ghost Rider Destroys Marvel History #1-2. It's better than you think.

[2:25:15] Discharge Papers– Jake recommends the surprisingly deep Chinese cartoon movie Silent Voice. I talk about Letterkenny and some guys I met at a con.

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In honor of Endgame, there will be no post-credit scenes this episode. You're welcome.

Introduction – Jake weathers the storms with a new bed and I teach the world a valuable life lesson.

[25:50] News – We cover that dumb article and get caught up on Punisher comic news, as well as some Marvel writers that want to hear from you!

[55:20] Mail Call – We get asked about returning to old projects and creating new What If? worlds for the Punisher.

[1:18:22] Bullet Points – Here's the comics we covered:

  • Guardians of the Galaxy #4-5
  • War of the Realms: Punisher #1
  • War of the Realms: Strike Force: The Dark Elf Realm: Revelations #1
  • Daredevil #4
  • Punisher #11

Can you guess which ones Jake hates? Spoiler: It's all of them.

[2:28:28] Flashbacks – We get more of man's best killing machine in Punisher: War Zone #37!

[2:39:30] Discharge Papers– Jake recommends the game Hate and I explain how we are all free. And Cobra Kai is still baller. Also, please check out Sam Brice's podcast Marvel: Civil War. It's very professionally made and I had a great time being a guest on the most recent episode.

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Caveman Ugg love tangents almost as much as he love destabilizing countries.

Introduction – Jake learns a bit about his genetic history and I talk about being a big star and running the table on my company’s weight loss challenge.

[37:00] News – We cover the new Punisher War of the Realms tie-ins and get mad at Bleeding Cool again.

[52:35] Mail Call – We get excited for a new summer event and get a cool update on one of our listeners!

[58:35] Bullet Points – We try to decode the backstories to more characters in Guardians of the Galaxy #3. We also cover Punisher #9-10, where Baron Zemo just can’t catch a break.

[1:37:55] Flashbacks – Jake Gallows gets some women problems in in Punisher 2099 #20-21! God I missed this series.

[2:14:12] Discharge Papers– Jake has gotten into Necromunda and has some baller figurines to show for it. I recommend Tokyo Dark and the movie Shazam.

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Be amazed as I litter this episode with useless Marvel comics trivia.

Introduction – I re-tell some re-runs in my life and Jake deals with an online nerd feud.

[27:00] News – Here is that cool Garth Ennis interview we talked about. We also talk about some of the aftermath of the Punisher TV show and how awful the internet is at publishing pop culture news these days.

[48:44] Mail Call – We answer questions on Bored Punisher and the women fans of the character.

[1:04:28] Bullet Points – Guardians of the Galaxy #2 is where the characters stop being nice... and start being REAL. In Punisher #8, Michael Chiklis engineers a prison revolt.

[1:45:30] Flashbacks – We cover #2-5 of Marvel Knights 20th Anniversary mini-series. It was a serviceable amnesia story with some questionable character moments.

[2:12:44] Discharge Papers– I think everyone should watch Doom Patrol and DBZ made Jake remember that he likes anime.

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Credit to thank octo for the clipshow in the beginning of today's show.

Introduction –  I live a life of ennui and Jake lives the Space Jam life with his mother-in-law.

[19:55] News – Here is that interview with the Punisher TV showrunner I mentioned. We then report on a Punisher wannabe that has a run-in with the police.

[38:00] Mail Call –  I fanboy out on an unlikely crossover idea, Jake and I delve into a cover mystery, and just goof off on your questions (sorry).

[1:02:40] Netflix and Kill – Billy Russo is that cousin you get stories about during Thanksgiving, and Jon Bernthal expresses himself with through 3-card monty and screaming.

[57:07] Bullet Points –  Guardians of the Galaxy #1 turns into your favorite Saturday morning cartoon, and we finally cover the first issue of Marvel Knights: 20th. In Punisher #7, Frank learns that being a non-stop killing machine may be actually kinda bad sometimes.

[1:33:45] Flashbacks – We follow Rosenberg's reference by covering Punisher #37-40, written by Mike Baron and I can only assume some hallucinogens.

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Welcome to the new year! In this episode, Jake and I discuss some of the drama around Punisher season 2, ruin our relationship with our Australian listeners, and shill for boner pill company.

Introduction – Jake and I catch up on our holiday breaks. Speaking about breaks, that’s what different parts of Jake’s body is doing. I win the lottery and my sister decides to get revenge on me.

Here is my cousin’s podcast that I mentioned and here is my recent appearance on Signal of Doom! I got to discuss half of season 2 with David, as well as get into Ennis’s Slavers arc.

[14:52] News – We talk about the new Guardians of the Galaxy company and the early reviews for Punisher season 2.

Here is that article about Jigsaw that I was talking about.

[28:45] Mail Call –  We get some great questions on the Punisher TV show and getting Punisher tattoos.

[57:07] Bullet Points –  We catch up with Punisher #5-6. The story is a roller coaster, and so is the art!

[1:33:45] Flashbacks – We go down under (it’s an Australia reference, you see) with Mike Baron’s Punisher vol. 2 #19 and then book a flight to Vegas with Punisher #20.

[2:03:58] Discharge Papers – Jake bonds with his daughter over Dragon Ball and I apparently spoil Megalo Boxing for him.

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Merry Christmas! We had to cut back some planned special content due to scheduling issues, but it's still got plenty of Christmas cheer. An X-Mas miracle even occurs during the post-credits gifting segment, which may be my favorite 2018 moment.

Introduction – Jake talks about his snarky daughter and I discuss the trials and tribulations of being a t-shirt mogul.

[9:20 ] News – We give a eulogy for Stan Lee and the Marvel Netflix shows.

[24:25] Mail Call –  We get into a power-level fight on how to make Cosmic Ghost Rider stronger and then question what the cut-off age is for being murdered by Frank.

[36:18] Bullet Points –  We finish up discussing future Eisner award contender Cosmic Ghost Rider #5. We continue the good times with Punisher #4, with a Jigsaw appearance that we don't hate.

[57:05] Flashbacks – We make good on last episode's promise and get to the first arc of Matt Fraction's Punisher: War Journal, including #1-3. This was a Civil War tie-in, and was a "re-introduction" of Frank back to the mainline Marvel comics.

[1:56:03] Discharge Papers – Jake and I can't believe how good Creed 2 is, and then we get into some anime nostalgia. Here's the Youtube channel I recommended: Overly Sarcastic Productions.

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Hey everyone, just wanted to say we are finally on Spotify.

Also here is that link I was talking about so happy holidays!

Music: Walking Along Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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Today is my birthday, and I'm celebrating it by finally getting this cursed episode out of my life.

Introduction – Jake and his office goes all out for Halloween, and I edge ever closer to hipsterdom with my new hobby. Halloween hijinks ensue with my family as well.

[21:30] News – Jake and I are now NPR thought leaders! We also clarify the Rosenberg signed comic contest winner, and then we talk about the Netflix Marvel cancellations. We also explain what's coming up in the remainder of our year's podcasting schedule.

[41:55] Mail Call – We get FrankenCastle questions and some fun crossover fight questions.

[1:03:17] Bullet Points – Cosmic Ghost Rider #4 continues to surprise us with its delightful tonal shifts. We then get caught up on Punisher #2-3, where Frank is just an asshole to everybody and Daredevil settles in to being a tired housewife. We also read What If Spider-Man Became the Punisher? and the answer is that his life turns out pretty great.

[1:35:15] Flashbacks – It finally happened. We covered the first six issues of FrankenCastle. The nightmare is finally over. 

[2:00:11] Discharge Papers – We go full weeaboo in this segment. Jake recommends High Rise Invasion and I recommend Goblin Slayer. 

Send us your Punisher questions or comments at punisherbodycount@gmail.com

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It's the Ken Kristensen interview we talked about a month ago! We had some technical difficulties with the Halloween episode, but it is coming out, rest assured. However, it wasn't fair to delay the interview with Ken any longer, so Jake and I decided to release it on its own. 

Ken has had a fascinating career in comics, TV, and film, and he turned out to have some fascinating stories for us. He is a staff writer on the Punisher TV series and personally wrote the "Virtue of the Vicious" episode, which was one of our favorites of season one. 

He is also behind a wide variety of indy comics such as Todd: The Ugliest Kid on Earth and his most recent work, OBLIV18N. Please check out his work!

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Here's a fun drinking game: Take a shot every time Jake and I say "SJW." Enjoy not going to work tomorrow if you do! Also, we did interview Ken Kristensen, and that will come out in a bonus episode.

Introduction – Jake won his Fitbit Challenge! And participated in a public shooting drill. Meanwhile, I traveled to Brooklyn with a friend and almost committed assault on a podcast host. Also, Jake and I bring up my comedy album The Paul Peron Tapes. Follow that link for some free tracks or check out the iTunes and Google Play stores to download them. I appreciate it.

[49:55] News – Jon Bernthal does some John Wick-style gun training, and I talk about upcoming release dates for your favorite Netflix shows and that one Infinity Warp comic.

[1:17:50] Mail Call – We get some good questions about Punisher continuity and new possible criminal targets. 

[1:36:45] Bullet Points – We continue the mad house that is  Cosmic Ghost Rider #3. We read Punisher #1, where Frank continues harrassing a man with a purple sock on his head. We also read Old Man Logan Annual #1, where Frank wants kids to get off his damn lawn.

[2:13:20] Flashbacks – Marvel What If? #29 answers the age old question: "What if Secret Empire was good?" Here we have a hypothetical story of Captain America forming his own original Avengers, and Frank is there in the War Machine armor. 

[2:22:25] Doomsday Cuck – We get mad about Doomsday Clock #3-6. Good times.

[2:44:00] Discharge Papers – Jake recommends John Claude Van Johnson on Amazon Prime, and then we tag team Iron Fist season 2. 

Send us your Punisher questions or comments at punisherbodycount@gmail.com

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We are just high on goof balls and I'm sorry. But also not really. Also, I'm actually sorry about my audio quality. It will all be back on track next episode.

Introduction – Jake shows how he crushes his enemies and has them driven before him in a company Fitbit Challenge, and I continue to gamble and being a big deal actor man.

[41:52] News – We learn about a new shooting location for Punisher season 2 and some upcoming What If? comics!

[1:05:21] Bullet Points – We read Punisher #1, a completely new series with the same writer and plotline as the last one. And then the roller coaster continues with Cosmic Ghost Rider #2. Also, Jake derails the show with Disney porn because of course he does.

[2:01:20] Flashbacks – I fucked up the Flashbacks prep, so we spitball future ideas. If you have some suggestions, send us a message on Twitter or Facebook.

[2:05:03] Discharge Papers – Jake goes deep into pinball games and The Foreigner. I become a Preacher apologist and shill my appearance on Waifu Wars.

Send us your Punisher questions or comments at punisherbodycount@gmail.com

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Jake and I go into a lot of tangents in this one. Be ready for that.

Introduction – Jake talks about his summer vacation and ringtone experiments, and I talk about a recent trip to the doctor.

[24:43] News – We learn about a new shooting location for Punisher season 2 and some upcoming What If? comics!

[46:20] Mail Call – We get a great question from Javier about integrating the Marvel movie universe with the Marvel Netflix shows.

[1:03:15] Bullet Points – We cover Cosmic Ghost Rider #1 and Punisher #226-7.

[1:32:50] Flashbacks – In honor of the Cloak and Dagger show, we are covering Spectacular Spider-Man #82, which holds an importance place in Punisher’s publication history.

[1:52:05] Discharge Papers – Jake and I discuss Luke Cage season 2.

[audio http://traffic.libsyn.com/punisherbodycount/Punisher_Body_Count_Episode_112.mp3]

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Back in June, Jake and his family visited me as part of their summer vacation. During the visit, Jake and I set up a Q&A session on Facebook live. While you wait for us to set up the next episode (coming out this week!), I figured it would be nice to have this archived in the podcast feed. If you'd like to view the video, click here!


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Your donations to our Ko-Fi.com page allowed us to get an audio producer to professionally balance and clean up the audio! Thanks for that!

Introduction – Jake talks about how his shot at podcast stardom on the Pilots and Petards Podcast was almost ruined by bad Chinese food, and I talk about two obsessions of mine: Comedy and Gambling. Also, check out my cousin's podcast

[29:08] News – Certain guests continue to elude us and we learn some new info on Punisher season 2.

[41:58] Mail Call –  We introduce the new Ko-Fi section and veer into a weird fascism argument. We also get an expert opinion on Punisher symbols in the military.

[1:17:45] Bullet Points –  We cover Punisher #224-5, where Frank continues being an obstinate asshole to the Marvel Universe and it's just terrific.

[2:06:10] Flashbacks – We travel back to Spider-Man 174 & 175, with Len Wein as the writer and editor. Can Frank and Spider-Man take down the hitman known as... The Hitman? Tune in to find out.

[2:31:05] Discharge Papers – Jake will convince you to check out Cobra Kai and I mourn the death of Ash Vs. Evil Dead. 

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In the very beginning of this episode, I mention a way you can support the show by going to our Ko-Fi.com page. You beautiful people have already helped Jake and I reach our first dumb goal, so now we're going to have to think up new stuff. Don't worry, donations will automatically go to the next goal when we set it up.

Introduction – We realize we got competition in the Punisher podcast world! I bring up the banter war with my sister and my forays into standup comedy. Jake reveals his secret saltiness over all my guest spots and gives me some tough love. Jake then closes out with a goodbye to a local friend. 

[36:15] News – We give an update on Mike Baron's Kickstarter Cue Ball, and we learn about the upcoming Cosmic Ghost Rider comic and what's next for Rosenberg's Punisher.

The New Contest! – I found a Deadpool vs Punisher #1 comic signed by former show guest Fred Van Lente! He was one of Jake and I's favorite people to have on the show, and for a lot of listeners, too. If you would like to get your hands on it, there's two ways to enter!

  1. Rate and review us on iTunes or Google Play. 
  2. Share this episode post on Twitter or Facebook. Just be sure to use the hashtag #PBC so I can find it!

The winner will be announced in the next episode!

[58:52] Mail Call –  We answer some email about the nature of Frank Castle's adventures and how they should or shouldn't connect with reality. We also talk about Jessica Jones for a hot minute and then talk about forgotten side characters.

[1:20:53] Bullet Points –  We cover Punisher #223, where Frank stops a nuke and kills an Iron Man with a knife. It's still great, is what I'm saying.

[1:35:10] Flashbacks – We look back on Frank's vacation gone wrong with Punisher: War Journal #20 written by Carl Potts!

[1:49:15] Discharge Papers – Jake connects with his daughter over Ready Player One and talks about a cool game called Gas Lands. If you like Mad Max don't want to die of scurvy, this is the game for you. I get into some anime bullshit and also recommend you watch Ghostly Whispers on Netflix.

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Happy Easter! There were some sound recording issues in this one, but they should be fixed by the next episode. 

Introduction – We talk about haircuts and how I'm going to jail soon.

[13:22] News – New cast announcements for Punisher season 2, a Punisher comic character makes an appearance in the upcoming season of Luke Cage, and a new drug is on the street, and it's sporting the skull.

[22:04] Mail Call –  We answer some fan mail about Frank's IQ and liking comics hated by the mainstream! We also try to think up some unorthodox merch and discuss if continuity helps or hurts the Punisher.

[49:36] Bullet Points –  We cover Thanos #16, Punisher #222, and The Platoon #6! All of them are rad.

[1:58:02] Discharge Papers – We talk Black Panther, Jessica Jones, and Al's Baby.

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Introduction – Jake makes an apology and revelation, and I recall another meeting with Uncle Bill.

[21:25] News – Punisher season 2 is confirmed, and I was on Signal of Doom! We also go down some weird rants, and then get some surprise news!

[41:19] Mail Call –  We answer some fan mail about gimmicks from Blackstone!

[56:25] Bullet Points –  We cover the perpetual video game that is Punisher #221 and The Platoon #5, wherein shit gets real.

[1:28:30] Flashbacks – We read Jim Starlin's prestige-format Punisher book, Ghosts of Innocents. 

[1:47:56] Doomsday Cuck Discussion – Hey, remember Rorschach? Hey, remember Nostalgia? Hey, remember when reading a comic made you feel smart? Me neither, dude. 

[2:35:49] Discharge Papers – I recommend Altered Carbon and Jake makes me aware that Kindergarten Cop 2 exists. 

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Introduction – Jake and I continue our descent into destroying ourselves, and "Dollar General" Bill returns!

[23:38] News – We learn some behind-the-scenes facts from the Punisher netflix series!

[33:19] Mail Call –  We answer some fan mail from listener Jimbo!

[46:55] Blackstone FAQs – Fan favorite listener and writer Blackstone answers some of your questions.

[1:20:14] Bullet Points –  We cover Platoon #4 and Punisher: War Machine #220.

[2:04:52] Flashbacks – Remember when the Hulk was a smartass that worked for the Las Vegas mafia? Punisher: Body Count remembers, with Incredible Hulk #395-96. And of course, a special appearance is made by Frank Castle.

[2:34:39] Discharge Papers – Jake and I discuss our latest trips to the movies and Netflix, including The Toys that Made Us, The Room, Molly's Game, and more. We also get mad about Doomsday Clock, but more on that next time!

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We end the year strong with a holiday episode that contains highs, lows, heart disease, and fan fiction!

Introduction – Jake and I discuss how we are awful at Christmas.

[22:00] News – We discuss Brian Michael Bendis' comments on the cancelled End of Days comic and reveal the "Ultimate Punisher Story" that never came to be.

 [33:40] Christmas Exchange – What entertainment value could come from two guys trading gifts? Man, just listen. 

Gift 1

Gift 2

Gift 3 (Do not click until you get to it)

[50:30] Bullet Points –  This segment only covers The Platoon #3, and man I hope you're interested in gun facts.

[1:07:55] The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Fanfiction Special – Jake makes a new format for this segment, so here are the fanfics for you to follow along!

Fic 1

Fic 2

Fic 3

[1:52:15] Discharge Papers – Jake and I discuss the Last Jedi and I recommend you watch Goliath on Amazon! Jake also watched Cobra and it was ok. See you in 2018!

[audio http://traffic.libsyn.com/punisherbodycount/Punisher_Body_Count_Episode_106.mp3]

Direct download: Punisher_Body_Count_Episode_106.mp3
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Introduction – I talk about my frustrating Thanksgiving and Jake gets through the daily grind.

[12:45] News – We talk about the Disney buyout deal and a fandom's interesting defection to the Punisher.

 [22:35] Mail Call – We answer your voicemails and get a cool early Christmas gift!

[46:45] Bullet Points –  This segment only covers The Platoon #3, and man I hope you're interested in gun facts.

[1:01:55] Flashbacks –  We look back fondly on What If #44, where Venom Possessed the Punisher. In a shocking twist, Spider-Man doesn't die in this one!

[1:12:25] Netflix and Kill – We cover the rest of the Punisher Netflix series, with all it's improvements, accomplishments, and favorite/hated characters.

[2:16:55] Discharge Papers – Jake recommends the Polybius documentary and I talk up the Cry of Mann webseries.

Direct download: Punisher_Body_Count_Episode_105.mp3
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We got opinions on the Punisher Netflix TV show and much more today!

Introduction – Jake introduces us to the Weinstein scale, and I talk about the my guest appearance on Mike's show, ToonCast

[19:58] News – Jake and I discuss the Vulture article that we got to contribute to, and we check out the reviews for the Netflix series. We also talk about Mike Baron's new Kickstarter, Q-Ball!

 [40:47] Mail Call – Today we receive voicemails from listeners and one very famous actor!

[57:50] Bullet Points –  We close out Becky Cloonan's run with Punisher #17 and then hope into the newly re-numbered Punisher #218, where Not-Bernthal teams up with Not-Samuel L. Jackson to steal the War Machine armor. Finally, The Platoon #2 is so solid that Jake and I have trouble even discussing it.

[1:42:015] Netflix and Kill – The Punisher is a Marine, and Jigsaw is finally good! We discuss these miracles and more as Jake and I go through the first three episodes.

[2:16:55] Discharge Papers – Jake recommends Twilight Imperium and I finally catch up on Highlander. Yeah, the first movie. 

Direct download: Punisher_Body_Count_Episode_104.mp3
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Who wants to hear some opinions about Vietnam? No, you're not being force to spend time with your grandpa, it's Punisher: Body Count!

Introduction – Jake feels troll's remorse and I tell a tale of rogue-ry and alcohol.

[23:30] News – We discuss the Punisher tv premiere delay and New York Comicon panel change, as well as the Northrup-Grummin fiasco.

 [38:04] Mail Call – We get an email from long-time fan Adam Stines, and I humiliate myself again.

[53:30] Bullet Points –  Things sure... start coming to a close with Becky Cloonan's Punisher #16. We also cover Edge of the Venomverse - War Stories #1. It's okay. Finally we get to the return of the messiah: Garth Ennis and Goran Parlov give us The Platoon #1.

[1:57:02] Flashbacks – In honor of The Platoon, we cover the final Punisher: MAX arc by Ennis and Parlov, which is of course Valley Forge, Valley Forge. I really enjoyed the discussion we had here, but we do get rather political, so you've been warned.

[2:53:47] Discharge Papers – Jake recommends you catch up on Blade of the Immortal and I talk about Anthony Weiner's documentary for a bit.

Direct download: Punisher_Body_Count_Episode_103.mp3
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Enjoy the episode banner on our website. It is possibly some of the best photoshop I've ever done. 

Introduction – We open up the show by talking about our betters, in particular Kelly Kanayama, and her lovely Frank Discussions podcast. Jake then talks about revisiting his childhood by seeing Terminator 2, and then I discuss how I'm getting closer to living out a shitty version of the Crank movies.

[30:51] News – We report on the upcoming renumbered Punisher: War Machine comic, a Punisher fan getting into politics, morse code and social media, and the  Secret Empire Omega comic that will surely explain why Frank became a fascist. 

[43:59] Mail Call –  We get some complimentary fan mail and I will the sabotaged guns argument. Hell yeah.

[50:33] Bullet Points –  Becky Cloonan keeps up the one-shot winners with Punisher #15. Also, don't forget to email us at punisherbodycount@gmail.com with your Barracuda writer suggestions.

[1:12:54] Flashbacks – We treat ourselves to some more bonkers Punisher 2099 with issues #17-19. Jake Gallows makes friends with a robot, gets a female copycat, and says an iconic line.

[1:52:21] Discharge Papers – Jake and I discuss how Defenders was pretty good, and Jake talks about the philosopher/literary analyst Sparky Sweets.

Direct download: Punisher_Body_Count_Episode_102.mp3
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Man, wasn't episode 100 good? Consider this the hangover episode, where we try to get by, realizing we will never reach such heights until we get another big name on the show.

Introduction – Jake educates us on safe sex and I nearly die in a Chuck E. Cheese.

 News – We predicted Marvel VR, discuss The Platoon, mention Mego figures, and of course dive into Netflix news.

Episode 100 Contest! - The episode 100 contest is still running, and we'll announce a winner next episode. We want to make sure the show reaches as many people as possible, so each of these acts counts as an entry:

  1. Review us on iTunes
  2. Review us on Stitcher
  3. Share the episode 100 post on Facebook
  4. Re-Tweet episode 100 on Twitter

The prize is a color copy work-in-progress page from Batman/Punisher: Deadly Knights, the crossover comic done by Chuck Dixon and John Romita Jr.! This was a collaboration work-in-progress page between the colorist, editor, and other artists!

[37:22] Mail Call –  We get voicemails from Big Rab and Blackstone, rant about the cycle of Punisher comics, and bring up possible short film ideas, and more.

[1:06:32] Bullet Points – We wrap up Deadpool Vs. Punisher #5, love the direction of Cloonan's one shots in Punisher #13-14, and get through Defenders #3 and Secret Empire #7 (Defenders is fine, though).

[2:22:16] Flashbacks – Frank "fights" Doctor Doom in Punisher #28-29!

[2:41:46] Discharge Papers – I talk about Preacher, and Jake talks about Glow and Highlander: The American Dream comic series.

Direct download: Punisher_Body_Count_Episode_101.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:51pm EDT

It's finally here! Episode 100! And it's over six hours long! We are unto gods of podcasting now. Lesser podcasters weep at our wise, niche branding, and women have stopped Jake and I on the street so much that we must employ guards to use Punisher 2099-style Adjustable Density Power Bats against them. Advertisers compete in gladiatorial matches for us to even mumble their products on our show.

We have a lot of content for this episode because wanted episode 100 to symbolize what this podcast is about. So we have prizes, we have an interview, we have stupid comedy bit, and more! Also, there was some drinking done, mostly for me, so I'm going to apologize in advance for that.

Introduction – We welcome long-time listener and Punisher fan Arch back to the show.   Jake and Arch catch up on the South and sweet medieval tournaments. I give an update on my new Bog Saget-style life with my sister and her kids, and then I share some magical local folklore that Jake immediately ruins. Jake then talks about being a friend to the animals and Arch rounds off the segment with an actually nice story regarding Steven Dillon. Then there's some back-patting, but you can skip that part.

[1:04:01] News – Jake gives us an Indiegogo update, and I tell you about the episode 100 prize! More info in the paragraph below this one. The rest of our segment is filled with Punisher in all walks of life: Comics, TV, Toys, and a fat asshole who tried to kill the Green Ranger

Episode 100 Contest! - As mentioned in News, we have a new contest running, with a cool prize. We want to make sure the show reaches as many people as possible, so each of these acts counts as an entry:

  1. Review us on iTunes
  2. Review us on Google Play (coming soon!)
  3. Review us on Stitcher
  4. Share the episode 100 post on Facebook
  5. Re-Tweet episode 100 on Twitter

The prize is a color copy work-in-progress page from Batman/Punisher: Deadly Knights, the crossover comic done by Chuck Dixon and John Romita Jr.! This was a collaboration work-in-progress page between the colorist, editor, and other artists!

[2:03:48] Mail Call – We have a big mail call segment, with discussions on logos, ranking MAX stories, cool guns, an update on Cody's marathon, and cool sci-fi gadgets.

[2:48:20] Interrogation Room – We interview Fred Van Lente, the writer behind the current Deadpool vs. The Punisher mini-series and so much more! Check out his new book, Ten Dead Comedians, wherever fine books are sold.

[3:56:20] Bullet Points – We cover the stabby conclusion to Punisher #12, and then wrap things up with a satisfying couple of comics called Deadpool Vs. Punisher #3-4 from Fred Van Lente. Also we covered the Secret Empire garbage at the beginning but who cares.

[5:02:50] Flashbacks – We go deep with the listener-requested mini-series Origin of Microchip #1-2!

[5:31:30] Discharge Papers – Jake has watched Riverdale and we briefly discuss Wonder Woman. Be sure to check out Arch's site Frank's Salad Days for high-quality research, reviews, and behind-the-scenes info on older Punisher comics. His new series focusing on Fury MAX: My War Gone By is awesome! I talk up my love of half-hour show binge-watching, and include Ash vs. Evil Dead in that list. Finally, I plug my own comedy album: The Paul Peron Tapes. The album is a collection of prank calls where I'm a redneck named Paul Peron and I screw with any scam caller that calls my home. I'm a huge fan of Jerky Boys and Richard and Sal, so this album was a joy to make. I couldn't have made this without what I've learned from this podcast, so thank you all for encouraging us to continue. I'll list some places to listen/buy it below:

And finally, if you're a fan of Jesse's Punisher fanfiction, give his collection a look.

Direct download: Punisher_Body_Count_Episode_100.mp3
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Enough time has passed that now MAX comics don't feel odd as being Flashbacks segments. Man, how time flies.

Introduction – Jake and his wife gets new hobbies, and life continues to be a nightmare for me. Here is a picture so you can keep up with our nerdery when Jake talks about his miniature figures.

[15:43] News – More Netflix news, a Jim Lee myth cleared up, and lego Punisher with "realistic" guns.

[29:22] Mail Call - One awesome fan is running a marathon and we get some questions from 4chan's Comics and Cartoons board!

[40:08] Bullet Points - Things continue to creatively fall apart in Punisher #11, but Deadpool Vs. Punisher #1-2 turns out to be a refreshing, fun ride from writer Fred Van Lente. 

[1:30:19] Flashbacks - We dip back into Punisher MAX with Kitchen Irish, covering issues #7-12.

[2:06:39] Discharge Papers – Jake finally watched Jessica Jones and I enjoyed Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, much like most of America.

[audio http://traffic.libsyn.com/punisherbodycount/Punisher_Body_Count_Episode_99.mp3]

Direct download: Punisher_Body_Count_Episode_99.mp3
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In sickness and in health, Punisher: Body Count is here for you.

Introduction – Jake has the sniffles, but I grow only more powerful.

[15:05] Netflix and Kill – We go all Sisko and Ebert on Iron Fist, a Netflix show that has been on for weeks.

[37:53] News – I briefly bring up some new Punisher Netflix photos and give shout-outs to our great listeners.

[42:24] Mail Call - We get one email from a listener with a dream.

[47:16] Bullet Points - We cover Punisher #10, where the honeymoon is clearly over with this series.

[1:07:50] Flashbacks - We cover the third trade paperback of Marvel Knights Punisher, which includes issues #20-26. We got pathos, we got squids, we got traumatized.

[1:47:45] Discharge Papers – A relatively short segment this time around with me recommending Legion and not some dumb movie. 

Direct download: Punisher_Body_Count_Episode_98.mp3
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We can't stop, we won't stop. We might get delayed, but stopping? No. Out of the question. (Special thanks to Johnny for our thumbnail! Check him out on Instagram @thedeadcelt)

Introduction – Jake and I give an update on the Indiegogo campaign and investigate his wife's cyber-bullying.

[22:54] News – We learn about a new Punisher/Deadpool mini-series, some Punisher cast news, and a horrible mistake made by Kentucky police.

[39:30] Mail Call - We get some great "accidental revenge" movie recommendations from Arch, and some new questions from new fans!

[1:03:30] Bullet Points - We cover Magic Bullets #7-8 and finish off Punisher #9.

[1:43:10] Flashbacks - As per an Indiegogo request, we got Punisher: Year One on the docket! As a mini-series, it holds up very well, combining Frank's story with the greater Marvel universe while keeping it on a very human level.

[2:17:58] Discharge Papers – Jake recommends Rurouni Kenshin and not getting a liberal arts degree. I recommend you give Legion three episodes before deciding if you hate it.

Direct download: Punisher_Body_Count_Episode_97.mp3
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Welcome to our show, publicly funded by you! I promise you we will only spend the money on wise investments.

Introduction – Jake classes up the show with some art and I talk about how even while dying I can make things awkward.

[18:50] News – We talk about Jon Bernthal growing a new beard, Tom Jane's new gig, and upcoming comics like a Deadpool/Punisher team-up and some telling Goran Parlov artwork (Thanks Punisher Harp Zone!).

[29:55] Mail Call - We mull over some casting questions and talk about dealing with liking a character but hating the current direction the character is in.

[47:04] Bullet Points - We cover Punisher #7-8 and Magic Bullets #4-6.

[1:35:54] Interrogation Room - We are honored to have had John Barber, the writer behind Doctor Strange/Punisher: Magic Bullets! He has been an editor for IDW and Marvel, with plenty of great stories to boot! John was a top-notch guest, and we recommend you check out the other equally notch IDW comics he is writing right now:

[2:46:35] Discharge Papers – Jake's finally seen Rogue One and Stranger Things. I talk about Ben Affleck's The Accountant and I realize what is my favorite kind of niche genre. Seriously, if you have any recommendations for me in that genre, send us an email. I will watch it.

Direct download: Punisher_Body_Count_Episode_96.mp3
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Introduction - Jake and I thank you for your amazing contributions to our Indiegogo campaign! We also share a moment of confusion and a moment of manliness. 

News - A new cast photo for the Punisher show is out, and that's about it!

Gift Exchange - Jake and I take part in our annual tradition of trading gifts on the air! 

Bullet Points - We discuss Magic Bullets #3 and Gwenpool Holiday Special #1 in our search for the true meaning of the holidays. 

Fan Fiction Fun Time - We read some of our favorite Punisher fan fictions. In order:

Punisher: Rachel's War by JasonNoir

Judgement Skull by settlechaos

The Punisher: Deep Waters by Blakkstone

Discharge Papers - Jake struggles to think of something to recommend and I give important opinions on Rogue One.

Direct download: Punisher_Body_Count_Episode_95.mp3
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Introduction -  To help Jake replace his computer and improve the show in general, we are running an Indiegogo campaign! There are plenty of rewards for donors, such as shirts, on-air producer credits, and the money will go toward getting more episodes out and more content in general. Afterwards, Jake and I share Thanksgiving stories with a side of sadness, and I talk about my life as a big time actor in New York City. 

[31:06] News - We report on the new artists that will be taking of the Punisher title in the wake of Steve Dillon's death, a new retro figure from Diamond Direct, and some unexpected Netflix news regarding the Punisher.

[35:38] Bullet Points - We cover Punisher/Dr. Strange: Magic Bullets #1 and #2, the best buddy cop movie of 2016.

[1:08:58] Flashbacks - As a Christmas gift to me, we cover Foolkiller: White Angels, a rare Punisher MAX team-up with west coast vigilante/street artist Mike Trace. It's a wonder to read and a shame we don't get more.

[1:57:40] Discharge Papers - Jake likes Dr. Strange and Scrotal Recall, and I like Bad Santa 2 and Blood Meridian.

Direct download: Punisher_Body_Count_Episode_94.mp3
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This episode is will be focused on comic book artist and creator Steve Dillon, who died earlier this October.

Introduction -  Jacob entertains us with some humorous anecdotes and I talk about how my family is entering the FUTURE.

[25:40] News - We announce a new bevy of cast members for the Punisher show and reveal a wonderful gift sent to us by Charles Burgio.

[46:23] Mail Call - Tons of mail from you people today! Questions about our guest wish lists, Cloonan's run, and who would win in a fight: Me or Jake?

[1:15:42] Bullet Points - In this episode, we cover Gerry Conway's Punisher Annual #1 and Becky Cloonan's Punisher #6.

[1:50:03] Flashbacks - In honor of Halloween we cover Marvel Mangaverse: Punisher and in honor of Steve Dillon, we cover the Punisher: War Zone #1-6, the miniseries made by him and Garth Ennis.

[2:34:27] Discharge Papers - Jake and I have a hearty debate on the state of MCU movies, talk about Luke Cage, and I recommend you watch the new season of Black Mirror.

Direct download: Punisher_Body_Count_Episode_93.mp3
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What is the haps, my friends. We had a lot of fun with this episode, so I hope you enjoy it.

Introduction - Jacob has found success in overthrowing his HOA and is now a Youtube sensation. Is he getting too big for this show? Haha, no. I recall some great acting anecdotes as well.

[19:43] News - Special guest Emily Williams helps us get our heads around Avengers Academy, and we talk about some new casting for the Punisher Netflix show. We also talk up the Punisher vs. Darkman fan film and the shittiest Punisher costume ever.

[45:18] Mail Call - We get a ton of great voicemails and emails from you guys! Plus, Jake gives what might be the best team-up idea ever. Also, use this link to play the video when we start talking about the new military "Punisher" vehicle to follow along with us!

[1:25:26] Bullet Points - We get as close as we will ever get to Civil War II with Choosing Sides #4 and Kingpin #3. We end the segment with Becky Cloonan's Punisher #5. We get a little negative on it, but it's a good series.

[2:08:56] Flashbacks - We finish the Punisher Eurohit story line with issues #67-70. Such a fun arc by Abnett and Lanning! We highly recommend it. 

[2:35:33] Discharge Papers - Jake talks up Magnificent 7 and I talk down on Blair Witch. I also give initial thoughts on Luke Cage, but will get in-depth next episode.

Direct download: Punisher_Body_Count_Episode_92.mp3
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After reviewing many notes given to us from Human Resources, we have decided to terminate Jake's contract and replace him with his wife Emily Williams. Thank you for understanding.

Introduction - Jacob discusses his Nashville trip and I talk about fire pits and relationship tricks. 

[20:06] News - We talk Punisher Netflix release dates, casting, and a cool (real!) gun named after the character!

[34:30] Bullet Points - We cover Becky Cloonan's Punisher #4, which continues the proud Punisher tradition of battle vans and kids being cool with murder.

[56:45] Mail Call - Javier comes in on the clutch with a last-minute mail call question! It's an angel Punisher question!

[1:00:47] Flashbacks - It's late August so of course we go over a back to school special! This one is Punisher Back-To-School Special #4, and it's got everything: Hallucinogens, Malaysian head hunters, and a lesson on why you shouldn't kick hobos.   

[1:44:20] Discharge Papers - Jake and I talk about the Back to the Future movies and I recommend Hand of God on Amazon Prime. We also talk about Suicide Squad for way too long. Sorry about that.

Direct download: Punisher_Body_Count_Episode_91.mp3
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Here is a fun podcast to listen to while you play Pokemon GO between your Snapchat sessions, fam. We are cool people on this podcast.

Introduction - Jake talks about his upcoming Nashville trip and his slow metamorphosis into becoming his co-host. I discuss the glorious new shop that opened up in my town and my Pokemon GO adventures. Also, there's a strip club in there somewhere.

[22:42] News - Jake and I talk about the newly announced series Magic Bullets, coming out this fall, as well as the Netlfix/Marvel lineup and how the Punisher series plays into it.

[31:31] Mail Call - We get some great voice mails from our listeners that ask us about Frank's tactical sense and have us reminiscing about the worst Punisher comics we've ever read.

[1:21:75] Flashbacks -  We switch up formats to celebrate Nigel Higgens, the British Punisher, featured in both comic segments today! In this episode, we cover the first half of The Eurohit storyline with Punisher issues 64-66.

[1:39:26] Bullet Points - We cover issue #10 of Contest of Champions to have a Punisher trifecta: Punisher, Punisher 2099, and Nigel Higgens! Then we cover Punisher #3, which is pretty good! 

[2:524:30] Discharge Papers - Jake recommends the Watchmen motion comic and is lukewarm to The Killing Joke animated feature. Meanwhile, I love The Admiral: Roaring Currents and think Hardcore Henry is a waste of time.

Direct download: Punisher_Body_Count_Episode_90.mp3
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Yeah, son (and/or daughter). It is time for insane Punisher stories, honey pots, and dick jokes.

Introduction - Jake talks about his game testing duties and how he's getting his daughter into STEM. I talk about my acting career and my battles in the gas wars.

[23:51] News - Jake and I discuss the newly announced Punisher TV show's release date and the growing meme of the Punisher identity.

[36:20] Mail Call - We get a great voice mail from Blackstone and some helpful emails from our listeners.

[54:19] Bullet Points - We cover Frank's adventures in upstate New York and Vermont in Punisher #2 and wrap up the emotionally dead-inside series Seventh Circle.

[1:23:14] Flashbacks -  Jake and I enjoy the hell out of an unpublished Punisher 2099 story done by Chuck Dixon! He released it on his blog and you can Read Part 1 here!  Read Part 2 here!

[1:58:29] Discharge Papers - Jake discusses the shows Love, Narcos, and the Studio Ghibli movie The Wind Rises. I love Lady Dynamite and hate the AMC show Preacher.

Direct download: Punisher_Body_Count_Episode_89.mp3
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Introduction - Jake does his good deed for the year by helping a man with some car troubles and I brag about the fat stacks I made with my crazy gambling skills. 

[21:42] News - Jake and I discuss the newly-announced Punisher Netflix series and we mourn the passing of Darwyn Cooke.

[36:20] Mail Call - Listener Rab asks us some great questions about Frank's views on the Irish conflict, his mostly good vidja games, and "bandwagon" fans.

[1:13:10] Bullet Points - We cover the new Punisher #1 by Becky Cloonan and art by Punisher veteran Steve Dillon. Overall, it's a promising, solid start!

[1:37:20] Flashbacks - We were in the mood for an annual, so we talk about Love, loss, and shitty Iron Man suits in Punisher War Zone Annual #1.

[1:58:29] Discharge Papers - Jake and I rave about Captain America: Civil War, and I talk about the sweet haul I got from Free Comic Book Day!

Direct download: Punisher_Body_Count_Episode_88.mp3
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Got some cool announcements today so let's get into it!

Introduction - Jake and I catch up with vacations and shopping around for car insurance. 

[13:18] News - Jake and I scrape together some previews for Becky Cloonan's upcoming Punisher series (coming out this May!) and we get into a weird argument about Danny Cooksey. We also announce the winner to our Spoilers Bro! contest.

TFAW Announcement - As mentioned on the show, Punisher: Body Count is now affiliated with the world's 3rd largest comic books and pop culture retailer in the world: Things From Another World! Here's what that means: When you click that link or other recommendation links to buy something from TFAW's site, we will get a percentage of the final order, which Jake and I will put toward the show. This will not increase your prices; it just helps us out and you get the comics, graphic novels, figurines, and general merch you wanted anyway!

[33:33] Mail Call - Jake and I get political and discuss what writers would not be a good fit for the Punisher.

[57:35] Dane and Jake Go to Netflix - We wrap up Daredevil Season 2 with our general likes, dislikes, and what we hope for the future. 

[1:28:38] Bullet Points - We cover the Marvel Infinite comic Daredevil-Punisher: Seventh Circle #2-3. It's alright.

[1:37:33] Flashbacks - We have a giant-sized segment featuring Punisher: 2099 #15-16 and Daredevil vs. Punisher: Means and Ends #4-6. Fun, futuristic times are ahead, and then a kid gets murdered. 

[2:14:14] Discharge Papers - I recommend the crime graphic novel Parker: The Score (It's $10 cheaper on TFAW) and Jake talks up his experience playing Star Wars: Rebellion. I also follow up on Jake's movie recommendation: Firepower

If you'd like, hit us up on iTunes or RSS.

Direct download: Punisher_Body_Count_Episode_87.mp3
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Now that we've all probably binged watched Daredevil, let's collect ourselves with calm and cool discussions on how baller Frank Castle was when he killed like three gangs in five minutes.

Introduction – Jake shares his newest creations in the world of brisket-making and I go to the wrong guy's birthday party. 

[24:15] News – Not a ton of news for this episode, but check out this article on Frank Castle's relationship and meaning to both readers and US armed forces. 

[30:37] Mail Call – We answer your questions about Frank's politics and girls who get all touchy-feely around inanimate objects. 

[48:18] Netflix and Kill – Jake and I discuss the first three episodes to Daredevil season 2.

[1:25:38] Bullet Points – Jake and I cover Daredevil/Punisher: Seventh Circle Infinite Comic #1. It's okay.

[1:39:27] Flashbacks – We discuss the first three issues of David Lapham's Daredevil vs Punisher: Means and Ends. 

[2:05:07] Discharge Papers – Jake brings up the 1993 classic Firepower and I invite you to get confused by watching Primer.

Direct download: Punisher_Body_Count_Episode_86.mp3
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After some technical difficulties, Jake and I are back, blitzed, and barely believing there are still no new Punisher comics out yet.

Introduction – Jake and I catch up on on what we've been doing the past month and I recall some gamble adventures.

[14:08] News – We tackle some Netflix news and some new tidbits from Becky Cloonan's upcoming Punisher run. 

Spoilers Bro! Contest – As mentioned in the News section, there is a new contest for a signed Ray Stevenson (star of the Punisher Warzone) movie print. All you have to do is email what you think will be the ultimate fate of Frank Castle by the end of season 2 of Daredevil. The person with the most accurate guess will win the print! Email us your predictions at punisherbodycount@gmail.com

[42:13] Mail Call – We answer your pressing Punisher questions, like the best accessories to buy and how Frank would fare in G.I. Joe's world. Also, a big shout-out to our German listeners!

[1:12:33] Bullet Points – Since there are no new comics out, Jake and I check out the new Daredevil trailer and speculate on the upcoming season. 

[1:33:39] Flashbacks – In honor of the upcoming Daredevil season 2 series and Captain America: Civil War, Jake and I check out Captain America #241 and Daredevil #293-294.

[1:14:25] Discharge Papers – Jake recommends you read up on Corto Maltese and New Lone Wolf and Cub. I recommend you check out the new comic app Stela.


Direct download: Punisher_Body_Count_Episode_85.mp3
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Introduction – Jake and I talk Christmas plans and take part in our live gift-opening tradition! Don't miss it!

[26:40] News – We speculate on Alex Alonso's comments about the Punisher and WeirdWorld, and then we get weirded out about Frank Miller's comments about Elektra being in Daredevil season 2

[31:49] Mail Call – We get some Christmas well-wishes from Blackstone, and answer some questions about the Punisher's view on gun control,

[51:01] Bullet Points Ultimate End #5 wraps up and Jacob and I are okay with that.

[1:07:50] Side Ops – Today we get hyped for a new segment. I'm going to keep this one under wraps to keep it a surprise! But visit this link later, ok?

[1:36:30] Dane And Jake Go to the Movies – Jake and I get salty about Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Direct download: Punisher_Body_Count_Episode_84.mp3
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Jake and I have slept off the Thanksgiving Turkey and are ready to transition
into a Christmas drunken haze with quality Punisher news and comics!

Introduction - Jake and I catch up on each other's Thanksgiving, and I recommend you read Richard Embree's The Keeper. I'm the editor on it, and you can read the prologue to it for free right now!

[17:03] News - We tell you what we know about the barely released Daredevil season 2 teaser trailer, cover Sherry's amazing Punisher Harp Zone collection, and reveal new developments for Lexi Alexeander, former Punisher: War Zone director.

[28:30] Mail Call - We answer questions of comedy, gender, and race in regards to the Punisher, and Jake gets some fan mail.

[55:36] X-Mas... Points? - Since there are no current Punisher comics out, Jake and I read the 2005 Red X-Mas #1, by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray. Here is the bathroom scene panel we talk about because I'm not making it into the banner art. 

[1:21:20] Flashbacks - For my early Christmas present, Jake and I talk about what the shock is with Punisher 2099 #10-12, which includes the premiere of Jigsaw 2099! We swear it's still good.

[1:51:57] Discharge Papers - Jake and I get belligerent about Jessica Jones and other fun shows you can watch on Netflix. 

Direct download: Punisher_Body_Count_Episode_83.mp3
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Oh my god, an episode under two hours?!

Introduction - Jake and I share our Halloween plans, and Jake tells us about his bus driving days.

[11:28] News - We cover the Punisher's new series in 2016 and its new creative team. We also discuss Daredevil season 2's trailer and follow it up some very special news. 

[25:20] Mail Call - A Daredevil question goes into a slight diversion.

[37:40] Bullet Points - We cover Valerie D'Orazio's Punisher comics, including Girl Comics #2 and Punisher MAX: Butterfly! 

[1:08:48] Flashbacks - We discuss the legendary meet-up between Blade and the Punisher in Marvel Team-up #8.

[1:22:34] Discharge Papers - Jake has gotten back into pop culture tv shows and I talk up season 2 of The Flash.

Direct download: PBC_82_master_file.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:26pm EDT

Note: We mention Chuck Dixon as an upcoming guest, but that has been put on indefinite hiatus. We will continue to work on bringing in new guests, and thank you for your patience. 

Introduction - I talk about my time as a vape model, and Jake explains how Homecoming is the bane of his existence.

[15:10] News - We discuss new Bernthal photos that have been released, the fact that there are no Punisher comics out, and former Punisher writer Valerie D'Orazio breaking off with Marvel.

[25:29] Mail Call - Jake and I discuss how swole the Punisher should be and consider a fan's move premise.

[45:38] Bullet Points - We cover all the non-movie media appearances of the Punisher, with Jake and I focusing on Spider-Man: The Animated Series and briefly discuss Super Hero Squad

[1:28:18] Flashbacks - We discuss the prestige-format story The Prize. It's a great story by Chuck Dixon and Mike Harris.

[1:45:56] Discharge Papers - Jake recommends... I won't spoil it. I recommend Robin & Batgirl: Year One, I confirm that The Inbetweeners is a good show on Netflix, and I tell the world they need to listen to the podcast called Detective, a show where a real retired homicide detective tells you what the job is really like. 

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We got it in before August was out. Sometimes, that's all you can ask. For more info on the "missing" banner, go on down to Bullet Points.

Introduction - Jake and I catch up on our important lives, and I talk about some great emails that have taken place.

[14:42] News - We discuss Jon Bernthal's released Punisher on-set pics and the oncoming Punisher drought.

[23:30] Mail Call - We handle some voicemail and hypothetical questions about Frank going to another publisher.

[41:22] Bullet Points - We cover Punisher #20, which goes out with white light instead of a bang. Secret Wars Journal #4 has Egyptian Punisher hang out with Age of Apocalypse Iron Fist and it's okay. In Ultimate End #4, Jacob decides to help out with art duties with the banner art. For maximum "enjoyment," don't click this link until we talk about it. And then we talk about the Fantastic Four movie.

[1:26:24] Flashbacks - We read A Man named FrankChuck Dixon's amazingly historically accurate western.

[1:26:25] Discharge Papers - Jake recommends you go see Ant-Man if you haven't seen it, as well as Inbetweeners, Corto Maltese, and Rambo movies. I recommend you watch Bernie on Netflix.

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Introduction - Jake and I catch up with what we did with our holidays, and I discuss my family's new hobby.

[15:08] News - We discuss Jon Bernthal's Punisher character and his research in the new upcoming season of Daredevil. We also want to help out our friend Mike, as mentioned on the show, so please click this link to donate to his GoFundMe page if you have the money to spare

[23:32] Mail Call - So much mail I can't even write it all in!

[27:02] Bullet Points - We cover Punisher #19. We weren't fans of it, but respect differing opinions. Secret Wars Journal #3 is a fun noir romp, though!  We round it out with Ultimate End #2-3. 

[1:05:37] Flashbacks - Today continue to remember John Ostrander's Punisher #5-7. We get bad artwork, the return of Rosalie Carbone, and more!

[1:40:12] Discharge Papers - We finally get around to talking about Terminator: Genysis. I recommend an Audible trial that our show is now affiliated with. If you click the link and get the trial, our show gets a cut of the money, which helps us pay the bills and get new multimedia segments! Jake also talks about his recent playtesting experiences and I recommend the movie Nightcrawler, now on Netflix.

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Welcome back. Are you enjoying your summer?

Introduction - Jake talks about his recent handyman accomplishment and I bring up two stories that explain what I've been doing with my life recently.

[26:55] News - Jake and I talk about Lexi Alexander's new director gig and list out all the current Punisher appearances in Marvel's Secret Wars event. We also discuss a new contest and us sponsoring a warrior. There is also something about the Punishing appearing on Daredevil next year but whatever I'm sure it's fake.

Contest - For this contest, we are giving away a free Tom Jane Punisher piece of artwork done in water colors by Star Wars artist Tod Allen Smith! All you need to do is either comment about us on our iTunes page or talk us up on Twitter and Facebook using the hashtags #PBC or #Punisherbodycount. Add a #Punisher hashtag too if you can, as this helps your message spread to other Punisher fans! I will check these for these hashtags every day to keep track of who has entered. In the sake of fairness and to prevent spamming, there is one entry per person. The contest ends July 1st, and the winner will be announced in the first episode in July.

[43:52] Mail Call - In this segment, we will discuss the trials and tribulations of Detective Soap and why Frank continues to be the Punisher

[1:05:40] Bullet Points - We chew the fat on Secret Wars #1, Ultimate End #1, and Battleworlds #1. Our favorite one may surprise you!

[1:39:47] Flashbacks - Today we review an often ignored Punisher run: John Ostrander's Punisher, published under the brief Marvel Edge line of comics. We cover the first four issues here, where Frank Castle has his prison execution faked so he can take over a mafia organization on the request of the dying don. It's a run I've changed my mind on over the years, and we're interested to hear your take on it as well in the comments or on Facebook.

[2:20:50] Discharge Papers - Jake recommends Scrotal Recall, and talk about my experience with the classic noir story, The Maltese Falcon.

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No time to waste, let's get right to the Steven DeKnight interview!

Introduction - Jake talks being a temporary hobo and I announce my first con appearance! I'm doing the 8pm Friday panel with my friends from Gearbox Union.

[19:50] Dane and Jake Go to the Movies - Jake and I reveal our thoughts on Netflix's Daredevil and Avengers: Age of Ultron.

[1:00:23] News - We discuss Tom Hardy's ambitions to become the Punisher and Gerry Conway's comments on how people interpret the Punisher.

[1:24:16] Mail Call - We answer some Edmondson run questions, speculate on an animated Punisher feature, and talk about the Punisher's Catholic background. [25:46]

[1:38:01] Bullet Points - We run through Spider-Gwen #4 and then get perplexed as hell with Punisher #18 .

[2:00:03] Flashbacks - In honor of the Netflix show, we cover the first meetup between Daredevil and Punisher in Daredevil #183 -184. It's a semi-forgotten story amidst the Elektra story done under Frank Miller's tenure with the character, but still a fun story.

[2:44:14] Discharge Papers - Jake recommends the Office Space on an Island comedy Welcome to the Jungle starring Jean-Claude Van Damme and I recommend the biopic Bronson, both movies now available on Netflix.

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Spring is now truly here! Strap on your khaki shorts and strap in to a new episode of Punisher: Body Count.

Introduction - Jake talks about how Five Nights at Freddy's scarred his daughter, and I talk about my NYC trip and how this show helped me a new job.

[18:27] News - Arch Stanton has created a new post on Frank's Salad Days that shows the multiple creative link between Boba Fett and the Punisher character through in-depth research, comparisons, and interviews. It's awesome work and you should definitely check it out. We also discuss Daredevil showrunner's Steven DeKnight's wishes to create a Punisher show.

[25:46] Mail Call - We get a voicemail from Blackstone and talk about the pain dreams can give you, and then we tackle ebonics.

[45:51] Bullet Points - We trudge along the road Punisher #17 has laid for us and then briefly cover  Spider-Gwen #3 .

[1:10:26] Flashbacks - We celebrate the Reavers story in Punisher v2 #33-34. It's amazing and I'll knife-fight anyone who disagrees.

[1:41:12] Discharge Papers - Jake recommends Garfunkel and Oats on Netflix and I talk up PBC listener David Brown's TPB Obscura, now on Kickstarter. You should also consider reading Bucko. Finally, Jake and I give our impressions on the Daredevil TV series. 

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They said even God himself would not know what to do with over 75 episodes on the Punisher, but we did it, so consequences be darned. To celebrate, Arch Stanton is back on as guest co-host, which brings up the average IQ of the show far more than we'd like to admit. Also, this is a long episode! To those that appreciate that, you're welcome. To those that don't like that, please check the time markers below.

Introduction - Arch has a special announcement regarding his family, and I talk about my recent participation in Dagohir, which is a form of LARPing without all the roleplaying.

[18:16] News - I give a correction on Chuck Dixon's tenure as a Punisher, and we have some cool news regarding Garth Ennis. In short, he knows who we are and the Punisher prequel series with Parlov's art is coming out soon. It is called The Platoon. We also "welcome back" Frankencastle with the new Secret Wars event Marvel is announcing for this summer. The fun starts in Battleworld #1. We also announce our Thunderbolts contest winner this episode!

And if you're not tired of it already, we talk about that Joker/Batgirl cover too.

[57:09] Mail Call - We answer voice mails on Shotgun, talk about our creative dreams, and talk about Frank's family again.

[1:32:20] Bullet Points - We discuss the new-fangled Spider-Gwen #1-2 with its hip lingo and memes and then shrug apathetically at Punisher #16.

[2:20:40] Flashbacks - We discuss Garth Ennis's "Confederacy of Dunces," the last Punisher Marvel Knights story, which covers issues #33-37.

[2:50:10] Discharge Papers - I recommend the comic series Crossed 100 by Alan Moore, the book Essentialism by David McKeown, and Arch shows us a mind-blowing link he found between the Punisher, Star Wars, and Jake and I's side-obsessions. It must be heard to be believed. Jake recommends Xia: Legends of a Drift System, an open-ended sci-fi board game.  

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Don't worry about those first five seconds. I love this show, I was just being a grump.

Introduction - Hello friend, have you heard of our show Dane and Jake Get Classy? We are still making episodes and you should check it out. Also we get medical update from one of the co-hosts. 

[12:40] News - We bust out some upcoming appearances and Punisher homage covers for upcoming Marvel comics, and we touch on the reboots Marvel is doing these days and how they could affect the Punisher. We also talk about the awesome modeling artwork some of our listeners have done, and also watch the Daredevil trailer. 

[43:47] Mail Call - We answer questions on Microchip, being captured, and get a Netflix recommendation. 

[59:04] Bullet Points - Punisher has a special guest appearance in Wolverines #3, and an unwelcome appearance by the series that-shall-not-be-named. Punisher #15

[1:31:00] Flashbacks - We wrap up the Carlos Cruz saga with the final parts of the "Countdown" arc, which includes Punisher: War Journal 79, Punisher: War Zone 41, Punisher #104, and Punisher War Journal #80. There is a lot of history that was going on behind the scenes with this comic, and that led to some tumultous times for the character. We get into how the end of the Carlos Cruz saga was a spiritual end to the 90s era of Punisher. 

[2:25:39] Discharge Papers - Jake tries not to spoil season 3 of Video Game High School and I get back in the action movie saddle with The Equalizer and John Wick

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Welcome to 2015. 

Introduction - Jake and I catch up on gaming and Christmas celebrations. Also, I have a special announcement that goes no where.

[13:40] News - We are a little light on news, but we have a new contest! All you need to do is give us a 1-2 paragraph elevator pitch on how you would make Thunderbolts a worse series than it was. You will be rewarded with equally horrible comics! Email us at punisherbodycount@gmail.com with your creativity.

[24:00] Mail Call - We figure out Frank's intelligence and go into a bunch of movie tangents

[50:40] Bullet Points - We celebrate Spider-Man 2099 #7 because it has Future Punisher Jake Gallows in it! It's pretty great, but we give suggestions on how it could have been more radical . Punisher #14 looks to have been a troubled work, and Jake and I get into why we think so. 

[1:29:55] Flashbacks - We continue the Carlos Cruz craziness with Punisher v2 #100-103. With special guest appearance with Bullseye.

[2:01:50] Discharge Papers - Jake remembers Bernie Mac and I recommend a bunch of stuff, like:

  • Levon's Trade, by Punisher alumni Chuck Dixon!
  • New Touching Evil, by Get Classy guest Dan Dougherty!
  • Marco Polo on Netflix, which is just great.

If you'd like, hit us up on iTunes or RSS.

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Let us come together to appreciate the finest literature mankind has to offer: Punisher fan fiction. Not only do we pick a top-notch selection of sent-in fan fics to discuss, and one of them was turned into a radio play! We're really excited about this episode. 

Introduction - Jake and I discuss our holiday plans.

[23:08] Mail Call - We answer some mail from newpunisherfan1,

[34:30] Gift Exchange - Jake and I continue our annual tradition of exchanging gifts.

[44:15] GCRN Segment - Jake and I discuss the best and the worst the Punisher franchise had to offer for 2014.

[54:57] Punisher Fan Fiction Holiday Extravaganza - For this episode, Jake and I are celebrating the world of Punisher fan fiction. Here is the selection for today:

  1. "Special Delivery" by Blakkstone
  2. "Killer's Crossing" by Blakkstone
  3. "Victims" by Blakkstone.
  4. "Punisher vs Predator: Blood Summer" by enRAGEd.
  5. "The Punisher: Fatal Blow" by Jacob S. 
  6. "Untitled" by Jacob Campbell.

[2:04:55] P:BC Radio Play - We are proud to announce"Punisher: War Chronicles," which was originally created by Jesse Ronald, aka Poseidon Productions, as our first radio play adaptation! I adapted the first chapter of Jesse's story into the script, and Jake produced, narrated, and edited it. Special thanks to friends Emily Williams, Tony Fielding, and Blakstone for voice acting help.  

[2:25:00] Discharge Papers - Jake announces a proud moment of being a father. That's right, he's introduced his daughter to Cowboy Bebop! Also, I recommend the documentary I am Santa Claus, produced by Mick Foley. Post-credits, we have the story "Hunters and Killers" read by Arch Stanton.

If you'd like, hit us up on iTunes or RSS.

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It's Christmas, but who cares! We must hurry if we're to catch the Punisher hype train!

Introduction - Jake talks about his birthday celebration, and I talk about my Black Friday ordeal.

[12:16] News - We review a recent Nathan Edmonson interview, and then we have a lengthy discussion over the new Terminator and Star Wars movie trailers.

[39:21] Mail Call - We have a voice mail from Wyatt, talk about Punisher and credible crossovers, and then talk about a kinder, more sociable, Frank.

[50:54] Bullet Points - We talk about Punisher #12 and #13. Get hyped for Frank's upcoming war against the Dos Soles gang, and then take a stop into Black Ops town. We also talk for a few minutes on the Punisher's appearance in The Superior Foes of Spider-Man #16 and #17, which is a very fun series that you should get when it comes out in trade paperback.

[1:19:31] Flashbacks - Frank teams up with a Scottish ghost in the 1991 prestige book, Blood on the Moors. Pull up those haggis leftovers and strap in.

[1:49:16] Discharge Papers - Jake and Emily showed their daughter Star Wars and I recommend the video game This War of Mine.

If you'd like, hit us up on iTunes or RSS.

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Let's have some chuckles and get ready for the end of Thunderbolts and the beginning of a new Christmas tradition, which is announced in the news section!

Introduction - Jake gives some insights on how to leave a job with grace, and I talk about how my father ruined Halloween.

[19:49] News - We pat ourselves on the back with some Facebook numbers, talk about some news on the upcoming Daredevil tv show, and also discuss the upcoming cancellation and imminent revival of the Punisher comic. Also at the end: A new Christmas event, involving YOUR artwork!

[37:00] Mail Call - We have a voice mail from Wyatt, talk about Punisher and credible crossovers, and then talk about a kinder, more sociable, Frank.

[53:15] Bullet Points - We talk about Thunderbolts #32. It's over. It's finally over.

[1:09:50] Flashbacks - We begin the Carlos Cruz Saga in earnest, with Punisher v2 #97-99.

[1:44:50] Discharge Papers - Jake recommends you watch the Van Damme movie Six Bullets on Netflix and I recommend you give CW's The Flash a shot.

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Crack open a pumpkin spiced beer and listen while you rake the leaves, friend. It's time more Punisher: Body Count.

Introduction - Jake and I catch up on board games and tales of darkness at the local Olive Garden.

[13:36] News - We clear up the Punisher #11 variant cover information, reveal Punisher: End of Days, and then go into a small debate about the cosplayers and conventions controversy. 

[32:37] Mail Call - Voice mails, punisher writer for the definitive run, how much is Frank's crusade is helping his emotional state, the age issue, how the tone of Punisher stories have changed over time

[1:10:08] Bullet Points - We discuss the weird dialogue choices made in Thunderbolts #31. Thankfully we have Edmonson and Gerard's Punisher #11, where many plot threads pay off and the hype train builds steam with an appearance of an old ally! 

[1:51:46] Flashbacks - In honor of the greenlit Deadpool movie, we looked back on Deadpool #54 and #55, which was a cross-over story with the Marvel Knights Punisher!

[2:19:00] Discharge Papers - I recommend the Green Arrow series and Jake finally saw Death Wish and rediscovers some Van Damme films.

If you'd like, hit us up on iTunes or RSS.

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It's the Steve Grant interview, everybody! The Punisher may have first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #129, but it was Steve Grant and artist Mike Zeck that made the character who he is today with the 19836 mini-series Circle of Blood. Steve let's us in on his early influences, his start at the house of ideas, and how he and his team moved the Punisher from C-list bit player to the vigilante household name he is today. 

Also included: Questions about the pope, 2 Guns talk, a professional telling Jake why movie are different from comics, and the co-hosts making fools of themselves.

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It is the eve of our interview with Steve Grant, so Jake and I whittle away the wait with a brand new episode.

Introduction - Jake talks about a potential new player for his board games and I talk about my new favorite guest appearance on the Hunnic Outcast Podcast, with Jeremy and Wyatt!

News - We talk about new Punisher-style police equipment and some comments Garth Ennis made at a recent convention panel.

Mail Call - We catch up on some listener mail and then re-enact a dramatic moment from the fan page.

Bullet Points - The nightmare continues with the breakup of a relationship no one asked for in Thunderbolts #30. We also wrap up the latest Marvel mega event with the pretty dang good Original Sin #8. Punisher #10 picks up the pace as well and Jake and I get hyped.   

Flashbacks - In honor of Steve Grant's upcoming appearance, we look back on Punisher v2 #80, in which a bank robber has the unfortunate luck of keeping running into Frank.

Discharge Papers - Jake saw Expendables 3 and goes against the tide by liking it. I recommend I Know that Voice, a documentary on the voice actors of today and yesteryear, narrated by John DiMaggio!

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Enjoy Labor Day with some new P:BC! Our first segments were quite lengthy, so check out the time stamps if you want to skip around.

Introduction - Jake and I talk about our time at Gencon and our trip to the shooting range.

[27:05] News  -We talk about the newly announce Mack Bolan movie, and set the record straight on the Punisher TV series news. Also, there was a dumb variant cover Marvel released so we talk about that too.

[54:05] Mail Call - We revisit the "Vietnam problem" and get a voicemail from Blackstone.

[1:12:02] Bullet Points - We go further into the lazy madness that is Thunderbolts #29. Punisher crossed over with Black Widow in Punisher #9, and it was an overall fun ride.  Original Sin #7 is out as well, so we talk about that..

[1:57:50] Flashbacks - By request, we cover the 1991 comics Guardians of the Galaxy #18-20It's a weird one!

[2:17:55] Discharge Papers - Jake recommends Arnold Schwarzengger's Sabotage movie, and I talk up new Cinemax series The Knick.

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Before the heat stroke sets in, let's enjoy another fun episode of Punisher talk.

Introduction - Jake talks about living like a caveman and eating like a king, and I bring up a tale of trickery from my dad.

News  -Man, so much news. We watch the much-discussed Punisher vs. Red Hood fan film, and also talk about a possible actor pick for future Punisher films/tv shows. We also go in a slightly different direction with the female Thor/Dead Archie announcements. We also announce the winner of the Punisher Bend Em's figurine. 

Mail Call - We discuss how much of a tin-foil theory a fan has about Punisher: Born, and also talk about Frank's connection/hatred of Magneto. 

Bullet Points - We cover the now cancelled Thunderbolts #28 as our rage simmers to embers. We also discuss Original Sin #6.

Flashbacks - We unearth an unpublished Chuck Dixon story called "Sauria," where Frank plays God mode in The Savage Land.

Discharge Papers - Jake recommends Arnold Schwarzengger's autobiography Total Recall, and I talk up the suspenseful sci-fi movie Under the Skin.

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So hey how ya doin'?

Introduction - Jake and I recount our summer reunion/vacations, and I talk about a special celebrity I met!

News  -There's a new contest we're running! Click here for rules and instructions! Remember, you need to tell us the individual sales for Thunderbolts #27 and Punisher #6. Also, this mayor is crazy! Finally, click here to check out that unreleased Chuck Dixon Punisher story.

Mail Call - We answer questions from newpunisherfan1 and Ivo Santos.

Bullet Points - We cover the Thunderbolts #26, with Ben Acker and Ben Blacker as the new writers! We then go deeper into the conspiracy with Original Sin #4 and 5, and top things out with Punisher #7 and 8. 

Flashbacks - Happy belated 4th of July, we're covering Punisher: War Journal #1 (vol. 2)It's the one where Frank and Bucky get into a fight over who like Captain America more, and it's also the one where I go into violent flashbacks about the series..

Discharge Papers - So how about the mysterious Original Writer behind the re-release Miracleman books? We talk about that. Jake recommends you watch BBC's The Muskateers and I analyze Just a Pilgrim, a lesser known Ennis work, where the writer breaks off from his normal tracks for a bit. I make a mistake and call it an IDW publication, but the book was actually published by Dynamite.

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I need to keep this stuff sparse today. As mentioned in the intro, I have guests over right now, and it's quite relevant to the show!

Introduction - Jake and I discuss our summer plans, such as him and his family coming to my town!

News  - The Kingpin character has been cast in the upcoming Daredevil TV series.

Mail Call - We go in-depth on your recommendations and questions!

Bullet Points - We cover Thunderbolts #26, Original Sin #2 and 3, and Punisher #5. Solid comics, go buy them!

Flashbacks - We cover a smorgasbord of stories in Punisher #30 (vol. 1)It's Frank going up a serial killer who runs a museum. It's a quiet classic.

Discharge Papers - Jake recommends you go check out the show Video Game High School made by the RocketJump guys. I watched this show on Jake's recommendation and I'm backing it too. I recommend you check out the artist Anais Mitchell, but just to clarify, the song I mentioned and played is called "The Brightness" from the album of the same name.

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Introduction - I talk about a King Kong-themed séance I attended and shows off his handy-man side by discussing a new gaming table he's making from scratch.

News  - The army is creating a new high-tech gun nicknamed "The Punisher!"  Jake and I then play "guess the comics sales" for Thunderbolts and Punisher, and then we go over the specifics of the upcoming Punisher/Black Widow crossover.

Mail Call - We answer your incredibly pessimistic mail!

Bullet Points - We cover Original Sin #1 and Punisher #5. Solid comics, go buy them!

Flashbacks - We cover a smorgasbord of stories in Punisher Annual #3 (vol. 1)There's kung fu fighting, trips to Hell, and libertarian conspiracy theories. Good times.

Discharge Papers - Jake has some tv recommendations for you and I have some old school monster movies you should check out. I was also a guest on episode 3 of Jeremy Fein's Hunnic Outcast podcast where we had a hilarious time discussing the original Godzilla movie and comparing it to the American '98 movie. Friend of the show Wyatt Jones was also there to add to the fun.  

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Jake and I were sleep-deprived while doing this, so prepare for a steady stream of mild anger at everything! 

Introduction - Jake talks about his busy schedule and I'm right there with him (except for some vidya game sessions).

News  - We cover the recent death of 2004 Punisher actor John Pinette dying, do some podcast deck clearing, and also talk about Wolverine dying soon.

Mail Call - We answer important questions about color coordination and the greatest generation.

Bullet Points - We cover Age of Ultron What If #3 and #4 and Thunderbolts #25. They're okay.

Flashbacks - We cover Punisher 2099 #7-9. These are radical to the maxxx!!1! 

Discharge Papers - Jake and I like Captain America 2 and Hardcore History. You should check that stuff out!

Post-Credits - I went to the Record This subreddit and asked the talented people there to do a silly reading of the Long, Cold, Dark monologue. In the end, I went with Jamison Ward's hilarious contribution, but you should check out everyone else's as well!

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Introduction - Jake is working hard and a sweet new van has entered out lives.

News  - We announce the winner of the t-shirt contest! Afterwards, I talk about my recent guest appearance on The Pull Bag: After Dark! We talked about comic book character deaths. Check it out! Also, here's that cool cosplay article were talking about!

Mail Call - We answer questions about 'roids and show how this show has a dark side.

Bullet Points - We cover Thunderbolts #24 and Punisher #4. We had some fun, but we also let off some steam about the format of how these comics are coming out. They are fine comics on their own, but they aren't great for podcasting, as we will explain.

Flashbacks - We look back on the 2006 issue The New Avengers: Letters Home, which was special-made for those serving in America's military. Can Captain America, Ghost Rider, Silver Surfer, and The Punisher save the stolen emails of our servicemen and women?!

Discharge Papers - Jake talks about his daughter is in love with the show Cosmos, and how he's catching up on The Sarah Conner Chronicles on Amazon Streaming. I go into classic movie mode and talk about watching Death Wish for the first time. We wrap up with some funny Pete Holmes skits based on Street Fighter. Oh, I also talk up the game A Wolf Among Us, but don't by it for iOS.

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Introduction - Jake and I talk about how tiiiiired we are, but so happy with how Indiana Comicon worked out.

News  - We talk about the new creative team on Thunderbolts and oh hey we got interviewed!

Mail Call - We struggle with our tiredness as we answer your intelligent questions.

Bullet Points - We cover Thunderbolts #23 and say goodbye to the sweet prince that was Venom. 

Dane and Jake Go to the Movies - Jake and I discuss Avengers Confidential: Black Widow/Punisher. Be amazed at how great Frank is! Be simply okay with the voice acting! Be enraged at the Elihas character!

Flashbacks - In Punisher #52, we have Frank going after a baby-napper. The letters page is pretty great.

Discharge Papers - Jake recommends some music, I recommend some Nutmeg, and then we have a discussion over the "NOT MY X" phrasing used in fan circles.

Direct download: Punisher_Body_Count_Episode_59.mp3
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Introduction - Jake gives some vital information about Indiana Comicon and I fight the nihilism off from my cleaning lady.

News  - Charles Soule has a big announcement concerning Thunderbolts and we give updates about the Indiana Comicon meetup and how the shirts are selling.

Mail Call - We answer three pieces of mail from our listeners.

Bullet Points - We cover Thunderbolts #22 and Punisher #3. Elektro is powerful but easily distracted!

Flashbacks - We cover the Intruder original graphic novel from a powerhouse crew: Mike Baron, Bill Reinhold, and Carl Potts. This was recommended to us by Arch Stanton and it became a favorite.

Discharge Papers - Jake recommends some board games and I talk about the new Shadowrun Returns DLC before I lose my mind.

Direct download: Punisher_Body_Count_Episode_58.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:56pm EDT

Introduction - Jake brags about his sweet HSA plan and I talk about a traffic altercation. Jake also talks about some bonding time with his daughter by preparing for the apocalypse.

News  - I give a minor update on the letter writing campaign the listeners and I have been doing to get us recognition in the new Punisher comic. Remember, their email address is mheroes@marvel.com, and you need to say it's fit to print to see it in the comic.

I also talk about upcoming Punisher comics and appearances.

We also plugged Blackstone's original story, "The Sentencer: Detroit Deathtrap." He's written some acclaimed Punisher and Executioner fanfiction, so give it a look. This bit of news gave us an idea to do a future show on Punisher fanfiction and fan art. We want the good, the bad, and the straight up weird, so please email us or post on the facebook fan page to contribute! 

We wrap things up with a dialogue on the newly announced Fantastic Four reboot. Fascinating stuff.

Big Announcement - We got t-shirts now! Click here for more information. The design is pretty great.

Mail Call - We answer questions about drugs, thugs, and personality shifts. 

Bullet Points - We cover Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #10 and Punisher #2. Here's that Newsarma interview I was talking about. Newsarama interview for bullet points

Flashbacks - We cover the "Mother Russia" arc from Punisher MAX, in honor of the Winter Olympics!

Discharge Papers - Jake is watching a little known anime called Trigun, perhaps you've heard of it? I wrap things up with me hyping up Charles Soule's She-Hulk because it is wonderful.

Direct download: PBC_57.mp3
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In Soviet Russia, podcast plays you or something. Let's get this started.

Introduction - Jake and is avoiding his plague-ridden daughter, and I talk about the drugs I bought from the internet.

News - I bring up upcoming releases, Marvel's new animated film staring Punisher and Black Widow, and our nomination into the Geekcast Radio Awards. Click here to vote for us! We also bring you some Preacher news about it coming to AMC, America's growing nerd mecca. 

Mail Call - Jake and I talk about our creative dream teams, reference covers, HALO jumps, practicing between kills, and language fluency.

Bullet Points - We cover Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #9, where Frank and Daredevil team up with Spider-Man to keep them minions in check. Also Thunderbolts #21 exists, and we gathered some phonecalls that may signal some bad times for the series. And hey, Punisher #1! Our opinion? Edmonson and Gerads have saved comics. You will also hear my plan to get the show onto the letter page.

Flashbacks - We read Chuck Dixon and John Buschema's Punisher: War Zone #26-30, where Frank messes up and has an adventure in South America. Apologies to our Florida listeners. You know I love you guys.

Discharge Papers - I recommend a bunch of shows I'm watching these days and Jake talks up All-Star Superman and The Hunted starring Christopher Lambert.

Direct download: Punisher_Body_Count_Episode_56.mp3
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The new year ain't started 'til we get started.

Introduction - Jake and I catch up on our holiday excursions, and I talk about our business dealings behind the scenes.

News - I bring up the upcoming Punisher comics and Jake gives an update on new interviews.

Mail Call - Bunch 'a mail! Ever wonder why cops don't catch the Punisher nearly as often as they should, or what Frank's favorite tunes are? Well now you will know.

Bullet Points - We cover Thunderbolts #20.1. Sorry.

Flashbacks - We follow up on a fan request to discuss Brubaker's Daredevil #84-87, where Matt Murdock is in prison and getting a mean, so Frank comes in to have a heart-to-heart. 

Discharge Papers - I recommend Jim Steranko's Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD and Jake recommends the 1998 mini-series The Count of Monte Cristo, starring Gérard Depardieu. We wrap things up by heavily disagreeing on Pacific Rim.

Direct download: Punisher_Body_Count_Episode_55.mp3
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Merry Christmas! Let's get things started.

Introduction - Jake and I talk about Jesus wrecking his basement, and how I disappoint my family with a prank gift.

News - I bring up the two upcoming Punisher appearances in Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #9 and the renumbered Punisher #1.

2013 Charity - Jake and I are running two charity auctions or the American Cancer Society. You can view the video here, and view The Punisher auction here, and view The Crow auction here. These are highly sought after collectibles, and they go toward a good cause.

Mail Call - We answer questions from punisherfan1 and one from Jacob Williams himself!

Bullet Points - We cover Thunderbolts #19 and Thunderbolts Annual #1. Short answer? Buy the annual. It's actually a fun read.

Flashbacks - We look fondly back on the Marvel '92 Christmas Special and the Punisher X-Mas Special.

Discharge Papers - I recommend The Distraction Addiction and The DC Comics Guide to Creating Comics (By Carl Potts!) as holiday reading, and Jake talks about Dawn of the Dead and Highlander 2. 

Direct download: Punisher_Body_Count_Episode_54.mp3
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There are 14 days until Christmas. Luckily, being an internet podcasting overlord allows me to ignore that fact and procrastinate another 13 days before I do any gift shopping. 

Introduction - Jake and I talk about home ownership, racism, and steaks.

News - Since there's not much Punisher news, Jake and I just promote ourselves.

Mail Call - We hash out the Punisher's wardrobe and a possible future for the Punisher MAX line.

Bullet Points - We have the Thunderbolts #18 to talk about. Whatever, man.

Flashbacks - We review Mike Baron's Punisher v. 2 #15-18, where Frank Castle has an iconic battle of wills against the Kingpin.

Discharge Papers - Jake and I discussed Europa Report, Thor 2, and the current state of anime.

Direct download: Punisher_Body_Count_Episode_53.mp3
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In this episode, Jake and I look back on previous "achievements" of the show, as voted by you! And me and Jake. We are egotistical that way.

Introduction - I talk about some positive (and not so positive) birthday experiences and Jake talks about the trials and tribulations of new home ownership.

News - Only a slight bit of news dealing with the Marvel deal with Netflix. There will be some street-level characters showing up in the Netflix line-up in the future; will the Punisher be included? Only time will tell.

Mail Call - We got a bunch of great listener mail this episode, so it's best you just jump in and enjoy the ride.

Bullet Points - We cover Trial of the Punisher #2, and Thunderbolts #16. Sometimes you just gotta take the good with the bad, I guess.

Flashbacks - No Punisher comics this time around. Just Jake and I reminiscing on the olden days of running gags and bad audio.

Discharge Papers - I finally make good on my promise to read some damn IDW GI Joe comics, and my reaction to them may surprise you. We close out the show with a recommendation to watch the Iceman movie from Redbox.

Direct download: Punisher_Body_Count_Episode_52.mp3
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Welcome to the Halloween episode! There was a post here, but it got eaten by a ghost!!!!!

Direct download: PBC51.mp3
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Episode 50! Double-sized! This issue changes everything forever! And by that I mean nothing at all. We got a special co-host for this episode, Arch Stanton, the man behind frankssaladdays.com!

Introduction - We catch up with each other as usual, and I talk about my Pittsburgh Comicon experience. And then I keep talking about it.

News - There's a new Punisher Omnibus coming out next year! Also, there is a new fan film called The Punisher: No Mercy. You should check it out. We also reveal our contest winner!

Mail Call - Listener punisherfan1 nearly stumps us with his questions, but we persevere anyway.

Dane and Jake Go to the Movies - Hey remember that fan film I mentioned? We talk about it here!

Bullet Points - We cover Ultimates #30, Trial of the Punisher #1, and Thunderbolts #15. 

Flashbacks - It finally happened. We talked about Archie Meets the Punisher, a misunderstood classic of its time.

Discharge Papers - Jake and Arch try to fill me in on Agents of SHIELD, and we make our recommendations to try to culture. Jake and I end the show with a thanks to you, the listeners.

Direct download: Punisher_Body_Count_Episode_50.mp3
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We are on the cusp of episode 50. Are you mentally/emotionally ready for such an event? No? Well, use this episode as a warm up.

Introduction - Jake and I get reacquainted with each other, blabbering about birthday pranks and dice. Also Ben Aflleck is Batman and apparently this is a big deal to people. 

News - Ennis has announced he will be returning to write more Punisher in 2014! How great is that? So great. Jake and I also tell the rules for a new contest for episode 50 and announce other projects we are working on.

Mail Call - We answer questions related to Ennis's return and other such things. 

Bullet Points - We cover Thunderbolts #14 and Ultimates #29. The is questionable cow anatomy in Thunderbolts, but Ultimates is surprisingly great!

Flashbacks - In honor of Ennis's return to Punisher, we review the first arc of Punisher MAX: "In The Beginning"!

Discharge Papers - Jake talks about an anime about WWII occult wars that manages to be boring, G.I. Joe: Retaliation being better than the first movie, and the confusion this caused my father. Also, watch Ray Donovan on Showtime. Jon Voight's paycheck depends on it!

Direct download: Punisher_Body_Count_Episode_49.mp3
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August is a lean month for Punisher comics, but we make due with bad crooks, freaky stretch guys, and Frank protecting dinos.

Introduction - Jake and I talk about upcoming prospects in our lives, and I talk about the scariest thing I've seen in the movies lately. Also, apparently a "Japanese jacuzzi" is a real thing. Thanks, Jake!

News - In news, I remind people that Trial of the Punisher #1 is coming out, and also bring up a youtube video where The Punisher's mental health is evaluated by respected pyschotherapist Dr. Larry Lewis. Jake also bring up important upcoming events involving the show and our schedules. 

Mail Call - We go into a "rapid fire" segment with five questions from newpunisherfan1! 

Bullet Points - We cover Superior Foes of Spider-Man #2 and Ultimates #28. Similar problems to last time: Next to no Frank Castle, but they still bring up some good talking points.

Flashbacks - We open up a Punisher classic: Punisher/Wolverine: The African Saga! It's got Carl Potts being a cryptozoology nerd, Frank taking a vacation, and Wolverine wearing a really dumb animal pelt cape. A delightful read!

Discharge Papers - By listener request, we reviewed Wolverine: In the Flesh, which is a 10/10 comic, one of the best of the year. Buy multiple copies and double-bag them. Just listen to our review first, okay? I then make good on my promise of watching the first episode of the Highlander series. Jake then talks about Blade of the Immortal. AGAIN. Geez, this guy...

Direct download: Punisher_Body_Count_Episode_48.mp3
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Today we put out a new episode to celebrate Arnold Schwarzenegger's birthday, who is 66 years young today! Also I just want to put out there that the banner art today was made by Jake. Okay, moving on.

Introduction - I'm taken a bit aback when Jake explains what an EDC bag is and why he has one, but it's far better than my story, where I talk about how I'm not invited to the grand opening of my new workplace. But hey, that's fine or whatever. I'll make my own workplace, with blackjack and Dollar General stores!

News - The Punisher has been announced as a playable character for the Lego Marvel Heroes video game coming out this October. We also talk about the Prime Cuts video that we released two weeks ago.

Mail Call - Does Frank still believe in God, and how does he stay in shape? We answer these pertinent questions today.

Bullet Points - We cover Ulimates #27 and Thunderbolts # 13. They aren't Frank Castle stories per se, but hey, they each have him in for one panel, so that's... acceptable. Hopefully the next batch will be better, guys.

Flashbacks - We discuss Punisher War Journal #35 "Motivation"! This one has an Arnold homage character in it, so it was an easy choice.

Dane and Jake Go to The Movies - We watched Raw Deal, a movie where Arnold Schwarzenegger plays an undercover FBI agent who must leave his old life behind to infiltrate the Chicago mob. A subtle, evocative performance reminiscent of Pacino or Daniel Day Lewis. Jake and I do our best to recount the beautiful genius of this movie, but I fear it was too much like staring at an angel, and now we are both blind and stupid forever.

Discharge Papers - I discuss the new Shadowrun Returns game, and Jake comes back at me with him trying out the Savage Worlds tabletop game. We then get into a spiel about the Highlander franchise.

Direct download: Punisher_Body_Count_Episode_47.mp3
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Oh man, it's a big show, one "pac"ked right up to the "rim." That's a little hint for what we discuss in Discharge Papers.

Introduction - Jake talks about a dream date he never asked for, and I bring up overdue books and gettin' lucky.

News - We announce a new Flashbacks request feature on the site, and re-tell some info on why the "Trial of the Punisher" comic has been delayed for so long.

Mail Call - We answer questions pertaining to the necessity of Frank's humanity, the possibility of an animated feature, and how, if possible, Frank could ever win the war on crime.

Bullet Points - We cover Fury #13 and Thunderbolts # 12. It's a yin-yang synthesis of depression and elation! 

Flashbacks - In the American tradition of fireworks and fishing, we bring in Punisher #44 "Flag Burner" and Punisher MAX one-shot "Force of Nature." Ever wanted to know Frank's opinions on rap? Well strap in!

Discharge Papers - Jake and I remiss on the Lethal Weapon movies, and I talk about why you should watch Pacific Rim and buy digital comics from Image. We also talk about the possibility of a side show. Give us your opinions via email or the fan page!

Direct download: Punisher_Body_Count_Episode_46.mp3
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Get it? It's like the ammo caliber. This whole show has been leading up to that title, so it's all downhill from here.

Introduction - Jake and I talk about car financing and dealing with indignant babies.

News - We talk about a Punisher mini-series seven years in the making, and perhaps some guest spots we'll be on in the future.

Mail Call - We answer Arch's question about how much continuity should be acknowledged in a new Punisher run.

Bullet Points - We cover Avenging Spider-Man #22 and Thunderbolts # 11. Short answer? Thunderbolts is bad. Long answer? Thunderbolts is super bad.

Flashbacks - In honor of the Punisher's guest spot on Avenging Spider-Man, we analyze Amazing Spider-Man #330 and 331, where we see a baby Erik Larsen figure out eye balls and Jake and I get sidetracked into talking about a cocaine-backed economy.

Discharge Papers - Neither Jake nor I talk about Man of Steel! Instead I talk about the weirdness of Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, we needlessly argue about the movie Parker, and get into a cool discussion about V for Vendetta.

Direct download: Punisher_Body_Count_Episode_45_ACP.mp3
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Let's get right into this!

Introduction - Jake talks about how he sets up his cubicle and I enter a battle of emotions with the cleaning lady.

News - We briefly talk about a teaser trailer to a Punisher fan film called "The Dead Can't Be Distracted," created by filmakers Ian McFarland and Mike Pecci. Unfortunately, the trailer was taken down by a copyright notice, but we'll keep an eye out for updates.

Mail Call - We go through a bunch of mail this time, answering questions about the Punisher's future in the upcoming SHIELD tv series and a rapidfire of questions from a new listener.

Bullet Points - We cover Fury #12, Daredevil: End of Days #8, Thunderbolts # 10.

Flashbacks - We work on a parody theme with Pummeler #1 and Doom Patrol #45, with special guest Grant Morrison!

Discharge Papers - I discuss my experiences playtesting the new Dungeons and Dragons and Jake talks up the Dissidia Final Fantasy video game.

Direct download: Punisher_Body_Count_Episode_44.mp3
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Hello and welcome to the summer edition of Punisher: Body Count. Please wear your shades at all times while listening.

Introduction - Jake proves he’s not a 90s kid and I talk about all the cool celebrities I met at my local nerd convention.

News - Just a tidbit about Charles Soule’s plans for the Punisher.

Bullet Points - We cover Thunderbolts # 9, where the Marvel AR is delightful and editorial digs deep for villains.

Flashbacks - Jake and I discussed the Punisher: Back to School Special #2. It’s got roid rage, a GWAR homage, and a hobo army. What more could you ask for!

Discharge Papers - Jake and I get into a row about postmodernism in movies, and then we both discuss Star Trek: Into Darkness and Iron Man 3. We close out with Jake’s review of Hiroaki Samura’s latest manga anthology and my take on Amazon’s new Kindle Worlds program.

Direct download: PBC43.mp3
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They said it wouldn't happen, they said it shouldn't happen, they... okay, they didn't actually say that. Greg Rucka stopped by, everybody! He talked with us for almost two hours, and in that timeframe we got his perspective of his Punisher run, as well as his views of the comic industry, politics, self-publishing, and "The Man."  We laughed, we nodded intently, we busted each other's chops. It was one of the best interviews Jake and I have done, and we thank Greg Rucka for his time and goodwill.

Check out some of Greg Rucka's latest projects:

A new episode will coming soon, so stayed tuned!

If you'd like, hit us up on iTunes or RSS.

Direct download: pun42.mp3
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Hi there everyone. Did you enjoy Iron Man 3? I did! Too bad we didn't review that Iron Man movie for today's podcast, huh?

Introduction - Jake brings up his upcoming graduation and continuing car woes. I discuss the surreal meeting with a veterinarian and how a local painter painted his house with fire. 

News - Jake and I discuss the new writer for the Thunderbolts series and speculate on what Disney will do with the Punisher property now that it's under their control again. We then explain how you can totally get something and still hate it. Finally, we showcase a radio play done by Arch Stanton, who adapted Blackstone's fan-story, "Hunters and Killers."

Bullet Points - We cover Thunderbolts # 8, where we disagree about the AR features and admit the book is getting better. We then peel back Daredevil: End of Days #7. We also discuss Fury MAX #11,where we get close to hitting our limits with the last few pages.

Dane and Jake Go to the Movies - Jake and I watched Iron Man: Rise of the Technovore, where Madhouse clearly decided they don't care about Marvel properties anymore. At least the Punisher moments were good.

Discharge Papers - I talk about my Free Comic Book Day experience and Jake talks up Blade of the Immortal.

Note: For the end of this episode, friend of the show Wyatt interviews his brother Jake (not the co-host) about his trip to the hospital.

If you'd like, hit us up on iTunes or RSS.

Direct download: pun41b.mp3
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After a small hiatus Jake and I are back with a giant-sized episode!  It's got babies, cars, and a Dollar General joke that goes too far!  Oh and some Punisher news and reviews I guess.

Introduction - I beam with pride over the birth of my new nephew, and then re-tell a hot tip I heard about Dollar General. As the show progresses, I slightly regret this. Jake talks about him fighting back against the snakes on his grassy plains, and more car troubles with his Cougar.

News - Jake and I discuss Daniel Way leaving the Thunderbolts book to work on another project, and we then talk about the free-to-play Marvel Heroes game, which features the Punisher character. In fan art, you should check out this great fan film trailer, Punisher: Outbreak and Doncyganos's music video tribute to the song Uncommon Valor (A Vietnam Story) by Jedi Mind Tricks using panels from Punisher: BORN.

Bullet Points - We cover Thunderbolts # 6 and 7, hailing the new artist Phil Noto and finally understanding Deadpool's role in the story.  We also discuss Fury MAX #10, where Nick Fury goes to Nicaragua and meets fan-favorite character Barracuda! 

Flashbacks - We come back to old chestnut of Punisher 2099, covering issues #4-6, where we delve back into the insanity of Jake Gallows's world and Jake himself. 

Discharge Papers - I continue on my quest to watch movies I should have watched years ago by reporting on Alien and Aliens, both which hold up really well and also show how far Hollywood has fallen in female action heroes. Jake lauds the Are You Faster than a Redneck show on the SPEED network and the Harvey Milk bio-pic Milk. He also thanks super-fan Neil for the 2000 A.D. comics and gives his opinion on them.

Special thanks to Kevin MacLeod from incompetech.com for the epilogue music.

Direct download: Punisher_Body_Count_Episode_40b.mp3
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Jake and I are back from out "double-shipping" with a new episode! Listen in and stay a while.

Introduction - I go into the most disturbing calls I've ever received from the doctor's office, and this leads to a discussion on staying healthy and working on cars from Jake.

News - Everyone should check out this Batman vs. Punisher animated short by kazemanimate!  We also report on the trouble Punisher co-creator Gerry Conway has been having with DC comics.

Bullet Points - We cover Thunderbolts # 5 and the final issue to Rucka's Punisher: War Zone. More secrets are revealed, and yet we still don't care. Also, Captain America may be the true villain in War Zone.

Flashbacks - We discuss the Classic Punisher trade paperback, which covers some of Frank's first solo adventures.  It's pulpy fun!

Discharge Papers - Jake is excited about Dark Horse importing more of Hiroaki Samura's work, such as Emerald, and I tell him what I thought about the cult classic Big Trouble in Little China. Then we try to convince each other that we are cultured people. 

Direct download: Punisher_Body_Count_Episode_39.mp3
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Continuing with Black History Month, we conclude the infamous "Frank becomes a black man" arc this episode. 

Introduction - Jake talks about his battles with sickness and I bring up how I used The Force at a house party.

News - Listener Ivo Santos has some fan-made Punisher music video tributes on youtube. Give them a look.

Also, I report on a Russian vigilante with righteous road rage, whom fellow citizens have dubbed, "The Punisher." Click here for the video and story!

Bullet Points - We cover Daredevil: End of Days #4 and 5. Is Daredevil really dead? Who or what is "Mapone"? Why did Frank get those finger tattoos in prison? We explore most of these questions in this segment.

Flashbacks - We cover the infamous"Black Punisher" arc from Punisher, issues #60-62. Jake and I approve of it, but come to disagreements on how "racially relevant" it is. 

Discharge Papers - I catch up on House of Cards, Jake saw Argo (it's okay, "but it's no Terminator"), and I rep for Inferno Cop, a Youtube original show, which is basically Ghost Rider mixed with surreal, irreverant humor made by the old Gainax crew. Be sure to turn on captions!

Direct download: Punisher_Body_Count_Episode_38.mp3
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Couple of things to mention right off the bat here: One, we tried out doing a live streaming episode where Punisher fans could listen in and chat while Jake and I do the show. The format gave us a chance to address viewers in a much more immediate fashion and even allowed for some visual aids while we discussed the comics. There was a delay that caused us to talk over ourselves sometimes, so it's definitely a format-in-progress, but we had a good time and hope to make future shows even better. Like it? Hate it? Contact us through email, twitter, the site, the facebook fanpage, or twitter if you want us to not get back to you.

Second, we're going to try some "double-shipping" with the podcast, where the next episode will be out in the next eight days, so keep an eye out for that. 

Introduction - Jake talks about his recovery from strep throat and his dealings with Japanese language recruiters, while I recount my new job and how a bum gave me a mysterious sigil. 

News - News - Punisher fan Stewart Loud made a Captain Punisher costume, and he was cool enough to show some WIP photos of the shield. Cool costume, man!

We also learn that Norman Reedus will be voicing the Punisher in the upcoming Iron Man: Rise of the Technovore animate feature.

Finally, I read a segment from decorated Navy SEALS sniper Chris Kyle's autobiography American Sniper, whose platoon used the Punisher skull as a mascot insignia during their tours in Iraq.

Mail Call - We empathize with the struggles of David, who back in the pre-Youtube days had to go on a Lord of the Rings-style journey to see even the trailer to the Dolph Lundgren Punisher movie. We also give our take on future Thunderbolts stories. 

Bullet Points - We cover Fury MAX #9 and Thunderbolts #4.

Flashbacks - We cover the "Final Days" arc of Mike Baron's Punisher, issues 53-59. It had it's ups, downs, and plastic surgery gone gloriously wrong.

Discharge Papers - Jake talks up Netflix's original show House of Cards, and I talk about the mess that was The Man with the Iron Fists.

Special thanks to Kevin MacLeod for the intro bumper music.

Direct download: Punisher_Body_Count_Episode_37b.mp3
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We're back with more Punisher news, reviews, and blues(?).

Introduction - Babies, school, dog fights, and slaves. That's all I'll say.

News - A new Punisher animated feature is coming out, and I go into what little details there are about the series.

Mail Call - We get some email from Blackstone asking us if we could get Chuck Dixon on as a guest. The letter prompts us to go into our process for getting guests.

Bullet Points - We go into tangents galore as we discuss Punisher: Nightmare #3-5 and Punisher: War Zone #4!

Dane and Jake Go to the Movies - It's back! Due to popular demand, we're bringing back this segment to cover Dredd, the movie our listeners have been asking us to talk about since it came out. Spoiler alert: We loved it and if you are a good person you'd go out and get it on DVD or Blu-ray right now.

Discharge Papers - From me:  Banshee is the greatest show you're probably not watching, and The Americans make us realize how much we miss fighting the USSR. From Jake: Mad Max stands the test of time and the Parker books drawn by Darwyn Cooke are just the cat's pajamas.

If you'd like, hit us up on iTunes or RSS.

Direct download: Punisher_Body_Count_Episode_36b.mp3
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Hey everyone, welcome to the first episode of the new year! We got a lot of ground to cover, so let's get started.

Introduction - Jake and I bring up a big announcement concerning the show: We've joined the Geekcast Radio Network!  Being a part of this network will give Jake and I some great opportunities and resources for the show, but we're also just happy to be a part of such a good group of hosts who care as much about their subject manner as we do. What this means for you guys is that we'll have some ad placement between the segments from now on, but it's still a work in progress on where exactly they'll end up.

News - Phil Noto will be the new artist on Thunderbolts #7, and Punisher will soon be making out with Elektra. Eh, okay.

Mail Call - Jake and I answer some mail regarding our movie episode, and I try to defend the Gotham Knight DVD against Jake's onslaught of criticisim.

Bullet Points - We cover Fury #8, Punisher: Nightmare #1 and 2, Thunderbolts #2 and 3, and Punisher: War Zone #3!

Flashbacks - We cover one of our favorite stories of all time, Punisher: BORN!

Discharge Papers - Jake takes umbrage against TBS's King of the Nerds show, and this somehow leads me to that this is a sign that America is crumbling in on itself. Jake also recommends some textbooks he's using in school, and I discuss the Spider-Man controversy.  I end things on a positive note by recommending everyone to go see John Dies at the End, now wherever movie downloads are sold, basically. It's Cthulhu style weirdness combined with characters you'd see from Clerks. It's delightful.

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Merry Christmas, Punisher fans!  For this Yuletide season, we have gifted you with an extra-large episode that deals with our deep opinions about the three official Punisher movies.

Introduction - Jake and I start with what could the worst opening ever before we catch up on our heart-warming Christmas tales.  We then open our gifts we sent each other on the air!

News - There's a bunch of new Punisher fan films new and upcoming, and we want you all to check 'em out!

Mail Call - Jesse Mack asks us what Punisher story arc we'd like to see adapted to a new Marvel movie. Jacob gives us a trilogy of MAX titles, and while I like the idea,

Dane and Jake Go to the Movies - It took 34 episodes, but we're finally doing it.  We're bum-rushing the three Punisher movies that everyone clamored for but never quite got it right.  And yet, they each have their charms.

Discharge Papers - Jake discusses his finishing of the Loeb's Long Halloween run, and his replay of Final Fantasy 8.  I recommend the book Mastery from Robert Greene, so you can go from chump to champ at whatever you do in life.  I also recommend the game Bastion, which is like Diablo if your character was in a colorful, utterly destroyed society.

If you'd like, hit us up on iTunes or RSS.

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Happy Hannukkah, we're back and we're front-loaded with content!

Introduction - Jake discusses how he killed a mouse and I explain why I'm on the outs with my pregnant sister, which led to a million dollar idea!

Mail Call - Gill (we called you Bill, sorry man!) gives us a call to back me in my tipping policy, and Jake quickly ruins everything.  Later on, we recount the gifts a listener sent us! Blackstone asks us if we finally watched Dredd 3-D. We also give our opinions on how we feel Untold Tales of the Punisher could have been better.  Finally, talk about the Punisher's upcoming role in Iron Man: Rise of the Technomancer, and if it has a chance of spinning off into his own animated feature.

NEW CONTEST - Listener and Frank's Salad Days blog writer Arch Stanton is sponsoring a new contest for the show! The instructions are as follows:

1.  Make a guess on the total on-screen kill count the Punisher had for all three movies combined.

2.  Send in that number to us via email, voice mail, or simply post it under this message in the Punisher: Body Count fan page.

3.  At the end of our next show, we'll announce the winner.

4.  The one who comes closest will win a Marvel Legends action figure!

Jake and Dane's Christmas Gift Advice Segment - Jake and I do your Christmas shopping for you by telling you what Punisher-related gifts are hot this season!

Bullet Points - We cover Fury: My War Gone By #7, Rucka's Punisher: War Zone #2, ad Thunderbolts #1. Thunderbolts was better than expected toward Frank, but there's still something missing in it, which I bring up during our review.

Flashbacks - By listener request, we cover Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning's Punisher: War Zone #12-16, which is the "Psychoville" story arc.

Discharge Papers - I recommend IDW's Rocketeer and the Cargo of Doom and the Walking Dead, and Jake goes into a rant about how much he hates movie theaters these days.

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Welcome to your oasis from hurricanes and political trash talk.  Enjoy your stay! Also, I have updated our FAQ page with our Google voicemail number.  If you'd like to leave us a message via your phone, well now you can!

Introduction - Jake discusses how he's all Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor now, and I tell the horror story of how Hurricane Sandy inconvenienced me.  Jake and I also whine about kids these days and their Halos. I also bitch about tipping take-out servers.

Mail Call - Blackstone asks us if we're going to read the new Thunderbolts series (yes) and if we've heard of some vigilante tv shows (no).  Arch also calls out Jake for spoiling Walking Dead and we discuss "spoiler culture" in general.  We also debate on whether the comic book fan letters page is still needed today.

Bullet Points - We cover Greg Rucka's Punisher: War Zone #1. It's the beginning of the end, people!

Flashbacks - Hey speaking about War Zone, how about some more?  We cover Chuck Dixon's Punisher: War Zone #7-11. It is pure, glorious testosterone.

Discharge Papers - I get excited over Parks and Recreation's new season and I tell Jake I'm reading his favorite book, Count of Monte Cristo.  Jake and I also discuss the implications of Mickey Mouse taking over the Death Star, and it eventually turns to a conversation of when we need to let go of our childhood love.  Us nerds, am I right? Jake also recommends 2001 Nights, which is a sci-fi space exploration comic.

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Happy Halloween, everyone!  Let's get into it.

Introduction - I talk about the emotional wreck I became when I got my wisdom teeth removed and Jake explains a new dangerous hobby he's taken up. I also explain why I left a comedy club in Atlantic City.

Mail Call - Blackstone asks us if we'd ever go after some Punisher-like Marvel characters if we ever run out of present-day material, and then we go into a tangent about My Little Pony.  I am so sorry.

Bullet Points - We cover Untold Tales #5 and SPACE: Punisher #4. Both are awful in their own special ways.

Flashbacks - Did you know the Punisher was an avenging angel back in the mid-nineties? For about five minutes? Come join us as we explore the comic series that killed the franchise until Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon were brought in.

Discharge Papers - I recommend two podcasts:  Dan Carlin's Hardcore History and My Brother, My Brother, and Me.  Also, I said, "Atilla the Hun" here, but I meant "Ghengis Khan." Jacob changes his view on the movie Akira and recommends Domu: A Child's Dream by the same creator.

Direct download: Punisher_Body_Count_Episode_31b.mp3
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Introduction - I talk about the arguments I've had with my dad over Hercules and aliens, and Jake shows how many fucks he gives about Indiana's smoking laws. Hint: They are zero. We also go into a tangent about dating strong independent women. Also, in case you were wondering, that was Jake's daughter in the beginning.

Mail Call - We bring back Rapidfire and we answer a lot of questions about Rucka closing out his run and whether an on-going Punisher run can hack it these days.

Bullet Points - We cover Fury Max #6, Punisher #16, and SPACE: Punisher #3. SPACE: Punisher actually managed to sway me back to it, much to Jake's disgust, and we also get into an argument about eugenics. I am so sorry. 

Flashbacks - In honor of our 30th episode, Jake and I read What If? #58, which explores what would happen if Frank managed to kill Spider-Man in his first introduction to comics. Clearly, Frank has a good ending in this comic.

Discharge Papers - I recommend the book American Tabloid by James Elroy for those that like noirish historical fiction set in Red Scare America. Jake classes things up with him and his wife watching the Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde play and talks about why the Akira movie can't match up to the manga. I also recommend the horror film anthology V/H/S, which is available On Demand and iTunes.

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Jake and I are back to discuss the future of the post-Rucka Punisher, and I later call some posters at the Global Punisher Army message board "cretins."  Sorry about that.  And yes, we're changing our audio system.

Introduction - I discuss my sudden turn to a straight-edge experimenting and Jake talks about his magical barber experience.  

News - We discuss the Thunderbolts news and Greg Rucka's interview with Clint magazine.

Mail Call - We announce the addition of our new voicemail system!  We also catch up on some questions we missed from the last 'sode.

Bullet Points - We cover Punisher #15 and Untold Tales of the Punisher #4.  I get a little crazy on Untold Tales.

Flashbacks - We continue Mike Baron's original run with Punisher #13 and 14.  Frank fights Charles Manson in one and becomes a subsistence high school teacher in the other.  Good times! 

Discharge Papers - Jake brings up new comics he's reading and his return to a modern classic anime.  I talk about Snow White and the Huntsman.  I am so sorry.  Also, I stumble into a hilarious/tramatic part of my childhood when we discuss Indiana Jones.

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It's feast or famine here at P:BC, and right now we're bursting at the seams with content.  There's comedy, disagreements, and wigging out over the dumbest of things.  In other words, it's Monday, people.

Introduction - Just... don't eat when you listen to this part.  Jake tells a story about shitting an ingenuity, and I talk about the book I was born to edit.

Mail Call - Blackstone asks us about the true power Punisher fans wield, and Wyatt asks us a question about race that I stumble through for a few minutes.  And hey!  We brought back Rapidfire!

Bullet Points - We cover Punisher #14, Untold Tales of the Punisher #3, and Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe #4.  It goes in order from best to worst, folks.

Flashbacks - In honor of Joe Kubert's recent passing, we cover Punisher: War Zone's "River of Blood," which showcased Kubert's humanistic artwork and Chuck Dixon's attention to world military conflicts.  There's also a Russian-version of the Punisher who sings while on shooting sprees, so it's got it all.

Discharge Papers - Jake and I talk about the Expendables 2 for what seems like an eternity.  Jake is pleased as punched with the movie, and me, not so much.  I also talk up the PC game Spec Ops: The Line, and Jake talks about what new comics he's picked up, like the new volume of Blade of the Immortal and IDW's Ninja Turtles comics.

If you'd like, hit us up on iTunes or RSS.

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